Annette Bentley Smith

Annette Bentley Smith is a wife, mother and grandmother from Georgia. She is writer of children’s short stories, rhyming poetry and picture books,for ages 0-10.She encourages reading to your child during pregnancy.She lives in Georgia with her husband, two sons, her granddaughter and her stepdaughter. Mrs. Smith’s educational background includes a high school education and a graduate of "The Institute of Children’s Literature."

She was self-taught as well, by looking and learning from other writers. Her passion for writing began when she was in elementary school, but it took her own children to get her to this point in her writing career. She has worked around and helped a lot of children in her time, and plans to continue to help many more through her writing. Her granddaughter Melody Rayne enables her to stay current with the preschool and elementary scene.

Service Offered
I can offer advice on how to get your books self-published, and where to find what you need to get it written and edited.


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Brydie Wright

Brydie Wright is a Sydney-based author and freelance copywriter. She is a highly-ranked review writer for popular blogging sites WeekendNotes, Sydney Mum's Group and Being Author, and has reviewed books for Creative Kids Tales. Her first travel review was published in Australia's leading family holiday magazine, Holidays with Kids, and she has written ad copy published in Peninsula Living magazine. Her latest freelance writing project was creating content for a revamp of the website of a successful events company.

Do you need engaging content, reviews or promotional copy written for a website, blog site or lifestyle/entertainment publication? Or, are you looking for a beta reader or book reviewer, with a sophisticated and professional approach?

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