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Where do the Banned go when home’s no longer home?

The lyrics of the old village tune haunt Astrea, who wants nothing more than to feel like she belongs in the redhead Rudan tribe. To prove it, she captures a...

Author: Angel Leya


Stashes is set in Michigan, where auto manufacturing and agriculture forged a reliable middle class. It’s Fall 2009, after unfortunate real estate practices gutted the American Dream. The plot focuses on two couples: the traditional, yet spunky Jackie and her...
Author: PJ Colando

Murder in Vail

Sally Braddock’s serene lifestyle atop a mountain in Vail, Colorado, changes drastically each year when her three spoiled children and their spouses visit her – and her money – for Christmas. They live off their trust funds, which are disappearing...
Author: Judy Moore

Dark Guardian - A New Dawn

Following the events of Dark Guardian, Ethan Daniels has fully embraced his alter ego of The Guardian. His mantle has become a symbol of hope for his nation. After two years of spearheading his mission against the corruption and injustice...
Author: Ammar Habib

Disciples of the Damned - Friend or Foe

When Chari goes on the lam with Dom, she tries to discover who turned her mother into a vampire. Dom learns his true connection to Chari. The Vypers are seeking revenge and Florin's West Coast horseman, Duke Mathias, is out...
Author: April M Reign

Following Good Food Around the World

Paul De Lancey will take you on a safari around the world with 180 recipes, including photos, beginning with Albanian fare to Zimbabwean. Nothing brings family together like food. Gather your clan around the kitchen table for a bit of...
Author: Paul De Lancey

Being Indie

Be a Savvy Indie Author. End Frustrations and Overwhelm. Save time. Save money. Publish High Quality Books that Sell. A must read guide for Indie Authors.
Author: Eeva Lancaster

Trust: The Miracle Cure

This book is a brief guide on how to manage worry, stress and anxiety this fallen world hands us. It is a fact that no one is exempted from experiencing these burdens. All of us has experienced them at one...