Books and Beverages: Stay Golden with my 2017 Gift Guide

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‘Tis the Season for Books & Beverages

Fa la la LA LA! This is my most wonderful post of the year. 

My favorite gifts to give and receive are books and beverages. Every year I share with you, my festive readers, the books and beverages that inspired and me cheered me this year. I have gift ideas for all the dear ones on your holiday list. Whether your recipients are naughty or nice, they will appreciate your thoughtful present, selected especially for them. Plus, books and beverages are easy to buy and give- pop them in a gift bag! Affordable, available at the last minute, yet personal and meaningful, your present will garner all the “oohs and ahhhs”!

You can see my past guides here . This year, I decided to tell you more about my favorite beverages, particularly the spirits (does that make you think of Charles Dickens?) The history of these liquors interests me, so I wanted to share that with you. Many of the distilleries produce lovely holiday bottles for giving- sure to impress and elegant to display! But don’t worry, I have plenty of non-alcoholic suggestions, too!

I have read and reviewed about 100 books this year, and I could recommend them all to you. You can find many of my reviews on the Book Promotion page here at my website and at Readers Review Room. I perused my shelves and did my best to pick lots of genres for all ages and interests. Every book is a 5 star plus read! And here they are! God Bless us Everyone!


Books that pair well with whiskey or scotch!

Whiskey is a type of distilled beverage made from fermented grain mash. Yum? While fermented corn, barley, rye or wheat may not not sound appetizing, many