Topics, events and situations which shaped, influenced and molded my perceptions is what makes me write and what moves me as an author.
While touring years ago as a business owner and speaker, I was oft approached by US war veterans who had struggled to readjust after returning from combat. I was not a trained therapist, but a good listener. Perhaps that’s why they reached out to me with their battlefield stories, and why they shared with me
I started writing down the stories I imagined while trying to fall asleep each night. You see, I developed insomnia due to my stressful work as a Realtor. When interest rates hit 20%, I worried about my clients too much. To fall asleep I made my mind think about the characters in a story. Soon
If I had to blame someone for my early obsession with writing, it would likely be my older sister. When we were young, her and I would read books fervently during the summer, completing one or two books everyday. Eventually, she started writing and I was fascinated! I soon followed suit, discovering that I enjoyed
I started writing short stories in grade school, and have had the bug since then. In the 1990s I started writing TV documentaries, then books in 2004. It's the best way to make a living I can imagine.
A stranger and occasional customer handed me a library book one day in 1983 while I was selling burritos in the streets of Juneau, Alaska. He said I could read Quest for the Lost City (1951), a narrative written by a couple from California who had searched for a lost Maya city in the jungles
Life... there's so much about life that I want to discuss, experiences I want to share.
I have been writing poetry since I was a child. As I got older I decided to write about the misfortunes I've had in life...and there have been a help other people get through their troubles.
I always have stories to tell. Far fetched, crazy stories that need to find a way out. Ideas for specific works come in different ways but ever since I was young, I've had a creative side.