Marie White Small

Marie White Small

A secret writer from a pragmatic blue-collar neighborhood, Marie White Small brings her skills as a florist, waitress, antiquarian bookseller, bookbinder, cook, and pie-baker to the page.

She studied at the Center for the Book Arts in NYC and was the founder and moderator of a community literary critique group, North Gotham Fiction Writers, has met bi-weekly for the last dozen years.

Ms. Small also served as the writer-in-residence at a Vermont mountaintop writer’s retreat. She has published short fiction in the anthology, Southshire Pepper-Pot (Lion’s Mark Press, 2007).

Stony Kill, her debut novel is an unusual and heartbreaking love story to family, tragedy, and reconciliation. After the death of a child in Ms. Small’s extended family nearly thirty years ago due to gun violence, she felt compelled to translate this now all too common tragedy, and to chronicle the long-term effects in her emotionally honest story.

Small believes writers bear the obligation to tell truths that others might shy from out of polite or unobtrusive behavior. She asserts that stories provide the opportunity to question what so often is swept under the carpet; profound difficulties, too often in our busy lives, are lost in information overload. It is so understandable in our lives of too much input and too much to do. But this is the way in which we loose our humanity. Small reminds us not only to look at our own lives, and the trials that have impacted each of us, but also to look at others with a fresh perspective and renewed compassion. This is her job as an author.

Ms. Small, member of a clan of strong, independent women, is the mother of two beautiful and accomplished daughters, the daughter of a dynamic mother in her nineties who still lives in the family home, cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping every week, and an advocate of equality and respect for all.

She and her husband live in Bennington, Vermont.

Lenka's List had the pleasure to publish this interview on: May 14th, 2017
Reading books and listening to song lyrics from a young age inspired me, and like all writers, I write on the backs of every author I have ever read, of every song that tells a story. Part of becoming an author has been taking in stories, styles, points of view that have transformed me, and hopefully that process is translated to the page.
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