Emanuel Kane

Emanuel Kane

Emmanuel Kane wrote his first poem at age 11. Excited in the way his friends were swimming while others enthusiastically cheered them on, something came upon him to express his thoughts and feelings. He left it on his desk and focused on solving a math problem. His teacher stopped to check his work and read it, showed it to the school principal. Next thing Emmanuel knew, the poem had been published in the school newspaper.

40 years later, Emmanuel has authored five books of poetry. Five novels and many essays on cultural exchange and peacebuilding. When he is not working on a book manuscript, watching soccer, speaking to local organizations about the lives of the poor, Emmanuel is traveling abroad and preparing strategies to help state agencies communicate better with the indigenous people. Emanuel has a doctorate in Human Communication Studies and ABD in English & Literature.

I have published 14 books; 5 poetry volumes, four novels, three reference books and young adult reader. Other poems appear anthologies in Chapel Hill Press, The Washington Review; Electric Acorn, Dublin, Ireland; Lynne Reiner Publishers; Symphony of Verse; New Poets of West Africa Malthouse Press; and New Horizons by Yaoundé University Press, also New Directions: The Howard University Magazine, and Sensations Magazine. There are over 1000 items about his poetry on the internet. I am a member of the Poets and Writers Organization as well as Charlotte Writers Club.

Lenka's List had the pleasure to publish this interview on: August 13th, 2017
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