Diane Rapp

Diane Rapp

Diane Rapp became an entrepreneur when she started her own dog grooming salon in Santa Barbara, California. She spent the next thirty years as a small business owner; she sold real estate, started an office supply/copy center, and performed free-lance advertising design. During all those years Diane wrote stories as a cure for insomnia. After writing a tour guide book to the Caribbean together, Diane’s daughter gave her the idea of writing a mystery set on cruise ships in the Caribbean. "Murder Caribbean-Style" and "Murder on a Ghost Ship" are the first two novels of a High Seas Mystery series.

Readers meet the main characters of the series and learn about life aboard a ship while solving murders. There is danger and romance mixed in with the action. The third book in the series, "Murder for Glacier Blue" was released in August of 2013. The novel takes the reader on a cruise to Alaska with an art heist, murder, and a wedding planned for Glacier Bay. "The Alphas" is the prequel to the Heirs to “Howl of the Wolf”, book 1 of the Heirs to the Throne trilogy. The novel introduces the dogs and wolves that eventually formed a pack that travels through space to inhabit Drako. The story is also a mystery. The heroine solves the murder of an old friend and discovers why her beloved German Shepherd was stolen. "Howl of the Wolf" introduces the planet Drako, telepathic wolves, and the crew of the space ship that took sanctuary on a planet that banned technology. In "The Havenshire Resistance", the second book of the series, Queen Krystal's teenage daughters learn to use their special inherited powers. Krystal and her daughters lead an army of Samurai women, telepathic wolves, and commoners to save the kingdom from an evil usurper in a dramatic battle.

The third book of the trilogy is "Dragon Defense". The planet is under threat by an Institute battleship. King Donovan must train teenagers to operate forbidden defense technology while his daughters make friends with a flock of wild dragons. Will his crazy defense tactics save the planet from destruction? "Dragon Knight: and the Heart's Blood Curse". It is a modern fantasy that adults will enjoy reading to their kids or read for themselves. When a witch turns a magnificent dragon into a puny human knight, he must complete a quest to regain his powerful dragon form. A demon is stealing dead musicians from the mundane world and forcing them to perform songs that change people into evil beings. Now he plans to steal a living musician, Jimmy Buffett and destroy the barriers between the worlds. The underworld will rule supreme. Dragon is the only creature who could destroy the demon. Wizards in the mundane world use smart phones as wands to protect Buffett from capture while dragon and the young sorceress, Robyn, fight the demon in the magical realm.

“Golden Legacy” features a journal written in 1888 by a woman traveling from San Francisco to Ouray, Colorado. Her journal becomes interspersed into a new mystery novel with characters from the High Seas Mysteries searching for treasure. “High Seas Mystery Game Book” print edition is coming soon! This book contains three different games based on the mystery novels by Diane Rapp. Every time you play the solution is different. Game Pieces, Game Boards, and instructions are included for games playable by 2 – 4 players, 4 – 8 players, and party games for 41 to 57 players. Design your own game using the game pieces included.

Lenka's List had the pleasure to publish this interview on: July 22nd, 2017
I started writing down the stories I imagined while trying to fall asleep each night. You see, I developed insomnia due to my stressful work as a Realtor. When interest rates hit 20%, I worried about my clients too much. To fall asleep I made my mind think about the characters in a story. Soon I had to write the story down or I'd really be unable to sleep. My stories turned into books and I needed to learn how to edit and publish. I still get insomnia sometimes, but I let the characters in a new book decide how thier stories will turn out while I dream.
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