The Hatred
This incredible horror "The Hatred" directed by Michael G. Kehoe. Amazingly talented and incredibly creative. The Hatred is his latest baby, and it sure in hell needs to be seen.
Sister Act: Behind the Window with The Fokkens
What do you get when you cross two prostitutes of a certain age with a videocamera? A vlog like no other, of course, capturing the daily lives and adventures of
With a little story on the side...
I've gotten so involved in building the world of Pirth'Vee Grah, and became so inspired by a recently written chapter, that I wrote a side story delving into the mythology
Where Greatness Resides!
ELOCUTION I’m intrigued by the way words are put together to convey ideas, sentiments, and deep emotions. I appreciate words, phrases, and quotes. I love to hear an angry person
THE BEACH ANALOGY; Life Savers on the Beach
It amazes me how these two totally different situations are relate and they both link to the importance of monitoring. I think about one of the staff members said they
The Ugly…
…is coming September 7, 2016, from Brooklyn Arts Press: A boulder-throwing mountain man from Siberia whose land is stolen by lawyers goes to Harvard Law School to learn how to
Shimoni the tip of Kenya- Slave Caves and an old English Bar in the Bush
The small town of Shimoni is featured in my second book African Treasure. William Brody is dropped off in this very small town on the southern tip of Kenya after
Getting Through the First Draft
Hey there and happy Sunday. I have been having a hell of a time trying to finish the first draft of my next book. It’s been a challenge now since
Noelle by Greg Kincaid
Title: Noelle Author: Greg Kincaid Genre: Fiction, Holidays, Family Life Publisher: Convergent Books Rating: 4 stars Blurb: From the New York Times bestselling author of A Dog Named Christmas comes
Life as a Miracle: Sista Suzi
What does one say in the face of full charm, a woman met serendipitously after she and one of my clients casually flirted when he trotted past her office window
Aligning With Life
If one acts in ways that doesn’t allow there to be cooperation with life, for it to change it’s imperative to know why this is so. Knowing your own mind
What? Can it be? Yup. I’m writing. Taking it back old...
What? Can it be? Yup. I’m writing. Taking it back old school and trying to stave off distractions. #authorehdemeter #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #readersofinstagram #amwriting #lies #booktwo #therunetrilogy #paranormal #romance #amwritingparanormal
Book Review: The 3 H’s Trilogy by Brian Barr
The 3 H's Trilogy: The Head, The House, and The Hell by Brian Barr Narrator: Rick Gregory Series: The 3 H's Published by Self-published on 01-17-18 Genres: Horror Length: 5
Ray Nagin, Where He Is Now / January 2018
Yours Truly in a Swamp , Monthly e-column by Leonard Earl Johnson, of Lafayette and New Orleans Copyrigh t, 2018, Leonard Earl Johnson All Rights Reserved Ray Nagin, Where He
I Am My Hat
A Short Story by Howard Feigenbaum I Am My Hat The meaning of appearance came to me one day in childhood. My mother allowed me to pick my clothes. A
Introducing...Degrees of Darkness
This book was long in the making and underwent some massive transformations along the way. When I wrote the first draft back in the 1990s it was even darker and
Bistro Viande 99-cent Sale Jan 18-25th
Bistro Viande is on sale for 99-cents (or 99 pence across the pond) from Jan 18-25th. In a dystopian future, where legalized cannibalism is the only means to control the
John B. Gordon – A Unique and Consequential Character
A unique and compelling character, John Brown Gordon was one of Georgia’s most consequential political and military leaders of the nineteenth century. He studied at the University of Georgia, though
Phoenix Zoo
We left Tucson and caught an early bus to Phoenix. Both Dan and I loved Tucson. It is physically so beautiful surrounded by gorgeous mountains – open and not crowded.
Sticks and Stones
The old saying is; “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never can hurt me.” I am not so sure about that. Over the years I have