Homophones Hurt Your Writing: Hoard, Horde, Hoared, and Whored

Word Refiner has been purifying documents of all kinds for over 40 years. Fiction, non-fiction; short stories, novels; technical documents, sales proposals, and resumes; there is no end to the variety of writing that has been purified. We have served students at all levels of education, small business owners, engineers, and authors of many kinds of prose.
Welcome to this edition of Words For Thought, the blog on wordrefiner.com. Like many of the previous blogs we are looking at homophones. Words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. 
I understand how important it is to have an error-free manuscript. With over 40 years of experience, I have found that homophones give almost every writer fits and difficulties. Because we sound words out in our mind, it is easy to write the wrong word.
Let’s not forget typographical errors also, a slip of the finger on the keyboard can create a different word that may not be caught by a spell-checker. There are many groups of words that vary by only one letter, such as must, mist and most. These three words have vowels that are beside each other on the keyboard.
The correctly spelled word in the wrong context will not be flagged by most spell-checkers. Word Refiner is dedicated to uprooting all of these invisible errors and providing your document free of spelling errors that you want and deserve. I find invisible spelling errors in 95% of published books.

Now, onto today’s episode! Number eight in the series about quadruple homophones. #HighScore!

Hoard is a very old word; the first known recorded use is before the 12th century. It seems to have Germanic roots and has traveled through Old English to arrive in the modern day. Widely used for hundreds of years, it works as both a noun and verb in Modern English. A hoard is a collection of items of a highly desired nature set aside or stored for future use. To hoard is to stockpile or store items for an anticipated future need.
Extreme hoarding is now considered a severe psychological issue and the subject of multiple programs on