This column is dedicated to one of the highest art forms in the sphere of human communication—Poetry. Nothing is nobler than the expression of human emotion. All poetry is perfect, no matter what the format or the background of the poet. A voice is a voice. With poetry, you get more than words. You get rhythm, you get sound, you get silence, you get mood—you get emotion. What more can you ask? This column is also dedicated to all the people who have ever lived, those here now, and those yet to come. God bless the poets among you. They carry the soul of the world.

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So often we see poems about love, despair, beauty, honor and other traditional themes. This one breaks new ground. It was about time that ever-present saliva had its day in the sun.

Saliva is always there,

Ready to begin digestion

Ready to lubricate a kiss

Ready to become the spittle of disgust,

The word “saliva” commands attention

As it does not sound like another

And cannot rhyme.

Saliva occupies our awareness and time,

We continuously swallow to control the amount

So that it does not become the social misfit called “drool.”

Saliva can clear a smudge, clean a wound, activate adhesive,

Carry a bad taste from the mouth, issue a challenge and

Claim a cookie for your very own

Saliva may be the most useful substance on earth.

We expect saliva, we depend on saliva, we appreciate saliva,

Look to saliva as the ingredient for cementing world peace.

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