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Speak Up and Stay Alive

The book – Speak Up and Stay Alive, a patient advocate hospital survival guide, is the result of several years of research and interviews in addition to real life mishaps.
Author: Patricia Rullo


A short story collection about Basement Man ; moody drunk, sometime rock climber, absurdist philosopher, raconteur of the ridiculous, rogue, and not-so-merry prankster from the North End of Yonkers (aka Junkies Paradise). An every-man for nobodies, he is ever adrift...
Author: Joseph Ferguson

That Moment When

We’ve gathered a handful of thrilling stories from all of your favorite genres and put them together into an epic anthology of young adult fiction. Some of them are just the beginning of a unique adventure, while others are complete...

Author: Angel Leya

Into Winter

Robbie and two lady friends escape Corpus Christi by the skin of their noses, but Sandra has blood in her eyes as she plans her revenge. She gathers an army to invade Peaceful Valley. Who will live? Who will die?...
Author: Larry Landgraf

Murder in Vail

Sally Braddock’s serene lifestyle atop a mountain in Vail, Colorado, changes drastically each year when her three spoiled children and their spouses visit her – and her money – for Christmas. They live off their trust funds, which are disappearing...
Author: Judy Moore

Birds of Prey

A handsome young tycoon’s life is dictated by his fear of birds. His phobia is so severe that he’s afraid to even step outside. Imagine his horror when birds begin invading his beautiful new office tower. How are they getting...
Author: Judy Moore

Secret Mystic Island

There was a powerful storm, and giant waves were crashing onto Mystic Island in the middle of the sea. A large ship was torn apart by the huge storm, and items from the ship started washing up on the beach...
Author: LaVonna Moore