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The Gatekeeper

I closed my eyes and spoke quickly before my courage failed me. “I am the Fire Wielder of my generation, so I am the sort of weapon which, if the evil of my father comes to life inside me, it...
Author: Shannon Reber

The Holiday House Sitter

The problem is her demanding boss, who seems to think he’s in charge of her free time too. Under threat of layoff, her boss manipulates her into giving up Christmas with her family in Florida to pet-sit his two beloved...
Author: Judy Moore

Fear Inducer

They believed their phobias were just nightmares... They believed Dr Felix Bloom would cure them. They were...SO WRONG!
Author: Ellie Douglas

Dawn of Chrysalis

The human race is in trouble. After narrowly claiming victory in the first invasion, an assault by advanced militaristic aliens armed with light speed capable spacecraft is a continuing threat.
Author: Sam B Miller II

Amazing Stories of the Space Age

PROJECT ORION: WE COME IN PEACE (WITH NUCLEAR BOMBS!) [DECLASSIFIED IN 1979] It could have been just like the movies. Specifically, the soppy sci-fi melodramas of the 1950s, those humorless, grim-faced sagas of men (always white Americans), square-jawed and broad...
Author: Rod Pyle

Dark Guardian - A New Dawn

Following the events of Dark Guardian, Ethan Daniels has fully embraced his alter ego of The Guardian. His mantle has become a symbol of hope for his nation. After two years of spearheading his mission against the corruption and injustice...
Author: Ammar Habib

The Space Between

My mother drives me crazy. She can send me from love to exasperation faster than my Uncle Henry's Jaguar racecar could go from zero to sixty. I'm almost fifty years old, and you'd think by now she couldn't exert this...

The Uniters Code

“Layna, you need to calm down. Do that breathing thing again.” I blinked, startled to find the chair tipped over, the computer screen shattered . . . my hands bloody. I hadn’t even noticed, hadn’t felt it.
Author: Shannon Reber