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Dragon Defense

Anxious, Shariel scrambled up the hill at a brisk pace.  Soon her muscles burned and her lungs ached.  Afraid to stop, she scolded herself for being lazy during winter. 

Pebbles skittered down from a high boulder and startled her into...

Author: Diane Rapp

It's Monday Only in Your Mind

Although at one point in my life I was addicted to alcohol and drugs they were just two of things I reached for to quiet an inner lack that was never understood, until now. My book isn’t about recovering from...
Author: Michael Cupo

Mars: Making Contact

The Red Planet holds an enduring fascination. Filled with extraordinary detail and documents, this book offers a visually stunning insider's look at how Mars has been explored and the challenges facing future missions. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has been the...
Author: Rod Pyle

Shed some Light

Ellie Fredricks set loose something dark and dangerous for the love of family. What wouldn’t we do for the people we love? She became an outlaw, a murderer without batting an eye to free him. Sometimes we do wrong things...
Author: Amber Naralim

A Human Veneer

A Human Veneer is Steve Downes’ 5th collection of poems and traverses the landscape of a political, social and personal commentary on modern life from a liberal and often satirical point of view.
Author: Steve Downes

The Golden Age of Charli-GPS

Empty nesters Charli McAntic and her husband, Pud, have settled into their golden years. Although their early days of retirement were filled with disillusion and despair, they are now ready to relax and swing upon a star. Pud continues to...
Author: Jena C. Henry

Big Jim

James 'Big Jim' Peck is a professional game hunter in Africa whose life has evolved from wartime encounters to hunting animals; but when a client is killed in a hunting expedition gone awry, he's forced to hang up his guns...
Author: David Lucero