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Dinorah Green was the exact opposite of me. There was not a single personality trait which was the same between us.
Author: Shannon Reber

The Thief of Kalimar

Ramaagar was a thief. A thief of thieves. One night, amid the alleys of the Jandari, he came across something extraordinary that would change his life, and that of millions, forever.
Author: Graham Diamond

The Meeting

The Meeting: In this story, you will meet two wonderful characters. They will have to depend on one another to survive. Find out how they manage and what they must do to survive together in order to get back home....
Author: Mikel Wilson

Being Indie

Be a Savvy Indie Author. End Frustrations and Overwhelm. Save time. Save money. Publish High Quality Books that Sell. A must read guide for Indie Authors.
Author: Eeva Lancaster

Field Mouse: The Fooder

Charles Willoughby’s youth was an ordeal of beatings by his God-fearing father and seductions by his grossly obese mother. A warped and cruel man, he marries a woman who is willing to submit to his jaded sexual demands. However, when...
Author: A. E. Lawrence

Escaping Infinity

I quickly flagged down one of the casino workers—I swear to you that it seemed to be a requirement for employment at this hotel that the women all had to look like they’d just stepped off the photoshoot for the...