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The Digger's Daughter

Set in Geelong and the goldfields of Australia, this sequel to Search for the Light follows Helen’s daughter, Jane, who proves to be the most resilient of her siblings. Strong, single-minded, tough; she is determined to survive everything life throws...
Author: Rosemary Noble

The Mancini Saga - Carlo

THE MANCINI SAGA. A family of six close Italian siblings each has a compelling story of romance, danger and mystery that could tear them apart or bring them together. What if you escaped from a cult and found yourself alone...
Author: April M Reign

Chocolate Flowers

A twisted tale that deserves to be told. In this brave book author Jori Nunes reveals a dark and nightmarish tale about child abuse, molestation and unimaginable torture of innocent children. Nunes visited and collected stories from adults who experienced...
Author: Jori Nunes

Poetry in Composition

Feelings are a powerful thing. As a teen, Angel Leya experienced the angst of transition and chronicled her thoughts and emotions in poetry. This collection displays those poems in a thoughtful series of themes that will take you from the...

Author: Angel Leya

Agent Keys Steps Out

America is turning the tide in World War Two when Barry Keys storms out of his FBI boss’s San Francisco office leaving his badge and gun behind. It’s time for a new life but what he’s good at is chasing...
Author: Mike Downs

The Space Between

Kenneth Platt drove his old 1995 pale-blue Ford pickup down the lonely stretch of highway 35 that connected Norfolk and Wayne Nebraska. He was going from the south, towards the north. His destination was Wayne.
Author: Shawn D. Brink

The Eagle The Wolf And The Woman?

An eagle out for vengeance, a wolf who knows nothing but to protect and a woman who is trying to find a murderer, each looking for something, each ready to fight and to ultimately die. These are three of the...
Author: Mikel Wilson

HASH: The Queen of Ceren

What if you were destined to leave Earth and take your place as the rightful ruler of a planet in a galaxy far away? When two worlds collide, love defies time and space. On the Ceren Mainship, Aric and Jade...
Author: April M Reign