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The Borderer Chronicles: On Solway Sand

‘Seven reasons they have for risking life… not fealty, faith, nor fee, but reasons of their own and cause enough to die for.’ On Solway Sand, set against the turmoil of sixteenth century Anglo/Scottish border conflict, is the third instalment...
Author: Mark Montgomery

Memories of a Prisoner

A narrative flash fiction story about a young man involved in a crime who unwittingly becomes the scapegoat. Detailing his thoughts and feelings when he returns to the place of his incarceration.
Author: Debbie Jinks

The Forest Is Alive

Once upon a time there was a white wolf named Frost who lived in The Enchanted Forest of Rising Moon Lake. Frost was the leader of the entire forest. There was even a fire-breathing dragon that lived in the forest!...
Author: LaVonna Moore

Airport Christmas

The first story in this new, sweet holiday series. Who would ever think that being stranded at the Denver airport for three days over Christmas could be fun?
Author: Judy Moore


Failure. It has plagued Aaron for the past years. It has awaited him at every turn and knocked him down time and time again. But now he is at the edge of his rope as failure has left him far...
Author: Ammar Habib

Death Of A Thug

Fortune and Fame awaits USC standout Koffi Majors. Courted by both the NBA and NFL, He's destined to have it all and then some until a horrific accident destroys his pro dreams taking it all away...with only his very life...
Author: Koffi Hallman

Gray (Awakening Book 1)

The moisture in the air condensed into droplets, then began to whirl. It danced for me, like the water wanted nothing more than to bring joy to me. I stared. It was me. The water had answered my call. I...
Author: Shannon Reber

Savage Bayou

Jaune, Louisiana is full of magick, creatures, and an evil—a sorcerer named Myrick that will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Nearly everyone in town is a target, but at the top of the sorcerer’s list are two...
Author: Alizabeth Lynn