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Field Mouse: The Fooder

Charles Willoughby’s youth was an ordeal of beatings by his God-fearing father and seductions by his grossly obese mother. A warped and cruel man, he marries a woman who is willing to submit to his jaded sexual demands. However, when...
Author: A. E. Lawrence

The Sleeping Serpent

Setting aside her fear of the motorcycle, Luna embraced Nico, wrapping her arms tightly around his waist as if to prevent him from unraveling. When he pulled to a stop, she dismounted too quickly, and Nico caught the bike as...

Love's Hidden View

When billionaire Virginia Ann "Peep" Holler dies, a battle for her estate begins. However, she leaves all of her wealth and Jodi’s Place – a popular Oklahoma ranch dedicated to helping wayward kids – to Abigail Brennan.
Author: Robert Valleau

Lady Excalibur, Mist of Dragons

The world was complicated enough with just having to battle the old ones and the other evils that exist in the shadows, but now Lady Pendragon and the rest of the Freak Show have discovered that dragons are real!

Hard Candy

One night Aaron Tyler has his world interrupted by a knock at his front door. He finds himself confronted by a broken and bloody girl unconscious on his doorstep; he makes the snap decision to help her, something that goes...
Author: Craig Mullins

Eat Me: 169 Fun Recipes From All Over the World

From the author of We’re French and You’re Not and The Fur West, De Lancey entertains supreme as he distills cooking to the simplest of terms—from boiling water (and identifying the stove) to preparing timeless classics from every corner of...

Author: Paul De Lancey

An Australian Story

This is the story of one Australian family whose history beginning in 1808 and up to 1998. Their heritage, along with that of the world they lived in, made them remarkable people. Although this story is based on real people...
Author: Gordon Smith

The Lost Rose of Winter

Two souls, united for a brief moment in war-torn western Europe during World War II, is more than a coincidence. Major Daniel Humphrey, a former high school teacher, is injured while on a reconnaissance mission for General Patton’s Third Army...
Author: Robert Valleau