Vengeance is Mine

Shane jolted from his chair, stumbled over his own feet and fell to the floor. He must have fallen asleep, but he didn’t remember doing so. He was shivering and a layer of perspiration coated his body. Though feeling shocked and unsteady, he scrambled up and glanced at his watch. Two hour had passed. Unexplainable fear gripped him. He spun around, looking for something, but what was it that he was trying to find? Whatever it was that he felt so compelled to locate was not real. He’d been only dreaming.

He tried to remember details now that he was awake, but what had seemed so vivid while he slept now appeared hazy. One word flashed from his memory: Murder. Much of him did not want to remember, but curiosity overrode his apprehension. Trying to recall was challenging, as if the dream was made from old faded photographs. Shane tried harder to filter tidbits of latent info into his mind and slowly he gained specks and pieces. It had not been a clean killing. He remembered the smell of all that blood. Through his mind’s eye, he could still see it covering the carpet of Pile Hall’s lobby. There was no blood now, but the haunting memory of it remained, choking him. He bent over with his hands on his knees, trying to breathe, but feeling strangled.

The blood of the murdered cry out “who will avenge our deaths? Who will bring the murderer to justice?” Snowed in at a college dorm over Spring Break of 1995, a series of strange events cause Shane to question his sanity. But, when he stumbles upon evidence of a murder, he finds himself in a very dangerous situation. Can Shane survive the supernatural cat and mouse chase that ensues? Does he even stand a chance?
Shawn D. Brink was born in Clovis New Mexico, but has lived in eastern Nebraska since he was five. He holds an undergraduate degree in Secondary Education from Wayne State College and a graduate degree in Management from Bellevue University.