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Lavonna Moore - Attic Secrets Attic Secrets

Sophie continued to ask around town about the previous owners of her house. She then found out that about fifty years ago, a woman that lived in her house vanished without a trace. What is even worse is that she was nine months pregnant! She was still missing, and the mystery was never solved. Sophie wanted to find out even more about the house after she heard that unsettling news.

Sophie was told that they searched and searched for the missing woman years ago. They dragged all the local ponds and questioned everyone in the neighborhood. Her husband had passed a lie detector test, so he was dropped as a suspect. A search party of over one hundred people searched nonstop for the missing woman during a twenty-four hour period. The police were dumbfounded by the lack of evidence. There were no clues and the case eventually became a cold case. Even though the husband passed a lie detector test, many people still believed that the husband was responsible for the disappearance of his wife. For the first year after his wife's disappearance, he was under scrutiny from the whole town every time he left his house and was seen out and about the town.

Many years later, the husband was diagnosed with flesh-eating bacteria in his hands. The doctor believed that he got it from working in his garden. His doctor treated him for the bacteria, but it continued to get worse. The flesh-eating bacteria spread throughout his entire body, and it was literally eating him alive! He had a major stroke and not too long after that, he had a massive heart attack and died.

Places and Times At Times I Want to Ride

At times I want to ride a chestnut horse
over wide, undulating, endless steppes,
with hooves pounding out a staccato beat,
our heads lowered to enhance speed,
pointing toward the elusive white stag
ever within our sight, ever out of reach,
leading to verdant valley far away.

Years ago I only kept the gas tank half-full
in my ’72 Duster slant 6.
Great was the temptation to drive beyond
the mountains hazy with residual smog,
looming as I dropped from the 55
on slender concrete ribbon down to the
San Diego Freeway towards Irvine.
The time had not come for me to leave.

Now my life no longer fits into a car.
The white stag has blended into the mists
and I am content to be where I am.
Dismounting, I set the horse to pasture
and sit sheltered by the tall pine trees.

Arthur Turfa, Places and Times ©2015


At Last A Glimmer Of Hope At Last A Glimmer Of Hope

In this sequel to the thriller, "A Light Beyond The Darkness", the earth is in complete turmoil, and is being split in half with fire falling from the sky. It would seem that the Gods are truly angry and that the world is truly about to end. When an old amazon tells of the a legend she knows about the rings of the Gods. In order to close the rift in their dimension The rings of Poseidon, Zeus, Hades and Hera must be brought together in one place. So the Hybrid Family must once again band together to stop the Gods of Olympus from destroying the earth. But how can mortals stop the Gods of Olympus? You also know that nothing is ever that simple, lies, deception and unknown undertones are discovered as the truth behind Zeus's reign over the Gods is finally revealed.

At Home At Home in the Pays d'Oc

On Friday the 23rd of October 1987 my husband Patrick and I closed the door on our London flat and embarked on an adventure that was to last for 27 years. At the end of it, our lives would be transformed beyond all recognition. Of course, we knew none of that at the time. All we knew was that we were setting out, with enormous excitement, to complete the formalities and furnish and settle in to our new holiday home in the Languedoc.
 Three hours or so later we reached Calais, with our van and trailer loaded to the gunnels with household goods. We lumbered off the ferry and, ignoring a small official with a large hat who kept bellowing ‘Fret! Fret!’ at us, we made our determined way to the domestic immigration channel. The small official pursued us, and when he paused for breath I explained politely that, no, we weren’t freight: we were an inoffensive English couple taking some household goods to a maison secondaire. We had all the paperwork, I added helpfully. For a second this gave the small official pause, then he brightened. ‘Douanes, Douanes’ he said, gesturing towards a dilapidated hut off to one side of the docks. Dutifully, we made our way to the Douanes, the customs shed.
The customs officer peered disdainfully through his little window at the dusty Ford Transit sagging on its springs, at the laden trailer with here a chair leg, there a lamp shade poking out from beneath its insecurely tied tarp. Ignoring the fact that I had spoken to him in French, ‘Do you heff an eeenventory?’ he sneered.
Luckily a savvy friend had put me wise. ‘You’ll need an inventory,’ she said. ‘And make sure it’s detailed, if you want to get through customs without too much delay.’ It was good advice. So, taking a deep breath and a large notebook I plunged into the depths of what had been our dining room, but now looked very much like a furniture repository. Two hours later I emerged, bleary-eyed but satisfied with my labours. ‘Two arm chairs, leather,’ I had written. ‘One sofa, matching arm chairs; three side tables; two lamps with brown ceramic bases; two lamps with orange ceramic bases, five drinking glasses, green, small; six drinking glasses, green, large; six knives with red handles; six forks with red handles; six dessert spoons with red handles; five tea spoons with red handles…’ and so it went on, for page after page, and all copied, in triplicate, illicitly on the office photocopier.
We produced the document. It ran to 27 pages; it was written in English with a French translation for each item. It landed on the ledge with a satisfying thump.
‘Mon dieu!’ The customs officer smoothed his moustache with an agitated finger, ‘Passez, passez!’
We waited until we were a kilometre or two beyond the docks before we allowed ourselves the explosion of laughter we felt was our due.

As We Fight As We Fight

Relevant and Timely Encouragements!
As your church service approaches the same time every week, are you struggling to make time for spiritual preparation? Does worship sometimes feel more like a task than an expression? Do you often feel alone in your pursuits as a leader or worshiper?
This well organized and timely book delivers tried and tested wisdom that can strengthen your leadership and encourage your team. It will save you time as it puts succinct, season-specific devotionals in ONE easy-to-access place.
Whether you’re a worship leader or a church attending Christian, you have experienced worship as warfare, spiritually and sometimes physically, mentally, and emotionally. At the frontline of battle, there is limited time; valuable time that could be saved by having supplemental resources, proper tools and weapons, and a tested battle plan.
As someone who has studied worship of the Christian God for more than 10 years, I’ve been your shoes! I’ve been the curious onlooker bewildered by other’s expressions. I’ve been the congregant who wanted to grow in worship. I’ve led worship in a small group and a stadium. I’ve been there, and I know it can be a battle. Instead of battling alone, come alongside me and other worship soldiers as we fight together.
There are many great books on the theology of worship, but they often require the spiritual maturity of Martin Luther or New Testament Paul himself and months to read and digest.
As We Fight only takes about 5 minutes to read each week:
-52 weeks link modern church culture to specific times of the year.
-Increase your leadership equity with team members.
-Positively challenge your worship by giving fresh, measured perspectives.
Directly and immediately apply these up to date references and practical challenges to your worship experiences.
Following along with these devotionals will give you a better sense of your worship culture and help you adjust to better lead and participate. You will also learn more about deciphering truth from God versus lies from the enemy. Don’t let the enemy push you away from the truths waiting in these pages!
What’s stopping you from…
-standing prepared with better tools, weapons, and battle plans;
-gaining a deeper knowledge;
-reading one of these well-timed, thoughtfully prepared encouragements for yourself or your team THIS weekend?

Annie Gomez and the Gigantic Foot of Doom Annie Gomez and the Gigantic Foot of Doom

When a 10th grade girl who has flunked every quiz and test for the entire semester aces her biology final with a perfect score, there is only one explanation. What bothered Dr. Tripledoor, the biology teacher, more than the score itself, though, was the answer that Annie Gomez had put down for the extra credit essay question: What in your opinion most makes biology relevant to our lives? Instead of the ever popular I love biology because it lets us eat and sleep or (giggle, giggle) Without biology there would be no reason for Saturday night dates, Annie had written:

The human race faces the very real and immediate danger of total extinction NOW.
She had also decorated each end of her sentence with a very neat but not biologically accurate picture of a flower, colored with pink highlighter.

The reason this answer caused Dr. Tripledoor undue anxiety was that he feared she was right. There was only one thing that would explain a 10th grade girl flunking every test and quiz and then achieving a perfect score and writing that essay. Alien intervention.


Chapter 14. The Wahi and the Fate of Earth

“Hello? Is someone there?” Annie asked. It was all she could think of after she decided that “Show yourself and be vanquished, fiend” was probably overkill.

“Oh! I didn’t know you were here.” The voice was tiny. Soft. Almost helpless. “We must see each other.” There was a sound like air rushing in to fill a vacuum and gradually, slowly, light began to fill the space in which they found themselves. The light didn’t come from any particular direction. It didn’t start somewhere and spread. It simply grew.

They were in a large cavern, much like the rest of Herring’s cave only much bigger than would have fit in the corner of his room. In one corner of the cavern was a small table with clay ornaments on it and a small bunch of wildflowers. In front of the table, kneeling on the floor, was what could only be called a fairy.

Justin was the first to speak. “Are you real?”

Naomi gave him a quick jab in the ribs and a seriously intense look but of course it was too late. Everyone held their breath. The creature appeared so delicate that they were afraid it would simply fly away, like a frightened butterfly.

It laughed. A hearty but tinkling laugh. “I was beginning to wonder the same thing about you. But here you all are, at long last, so all’s well that ends well, though we’re still far from the end, aren’t we? And here I was crying my eyes out that I had failed.”

The fairy flapped its fine, translucent wings and raised a few inches off the ground, holding her arms out wide, as if to embrace them. “Welcome!” she beamed.

Annie looked back at the others and suddenly it struck her. “Where’s Herring?” He wasn’t there. “It’s his cave. He needs to be here.”

Johnny spoke. “Herring does his own thing, Annie. There’s probably some good reason why he’s not here. It is his cave and if we need him, he’ll come through.”

“He’s right,” Naomi said. “What we need to do is move forward. This is the break we’ve been waiting for.”

Annie considered Naomi’s words. This was the break. But now what? So here’s a fairy in a cave in a corner of Herring’s room. And? To the fairy she said, “So it sounds like you’ve been expecting us. For some reason, right? And that would be…?”

“Why, to save humanity, you poor naïve things.”

Chapter 21. Planet P

“What’s your name?” Naomi asked, taking her usual role as social facilitator.
“Oh. Well, I could tell you but you’d never be able to understand it, not to mention pronounce it,” the alien boy replied.

Johnny, who was fluent in English, Romanian, and Romany and pretty good in Hungarian¸ spoke up. “Give us a try. We might surprise you.”

“Well, ok. If you insist. But don’t blame me if it’s overwhelming.” the alien boy said. “Are you ready?”

Johnny leaned in closer, aiming his hearing at the alien while focusing his eyes on the alien’s mouth. “Go for it.”

“Okay. You sure? Here we go, then. Ready?”

“Say it already,” Naomi called out.

The alien took a deep breath, as though drawing in enough air to say the pledge of allegiance in one breath. Then he began. “Gob.”

Johnny was holding his breath, waiting. Then he realized it was over. “That’s it?? Gob?” he asked.

“Hey, pretty close,” the alien replied. “You did better than I thought.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Johnny said. “Our names are more complicated than that.” He started to point out that Gob is more of a bodily reaction than a name but he stopped when he noticed that the alien was starting to sob.

“Hey, Gob is a cool name,” he quickly added, feeling bad that the alien’s feelings were hurt. “I had to work really hard to get it. It’s probably the most challenging name I’ve ever had to pronounce, dude.” Johnny knew all too well what it felt like to be made fun of.

“Yeah,” Andy added. “In my dad’s language that means great hunter.” It didn’t but this was, Andy figured, a justifiable stretch of the truth and there were unlikely to be any Inuit dictionaries in the ship’s library.

“Let’s all practice saying it so we can get it right,” Justin offered. “Ready? One, two, three …”

“’Gob’,” they all said carefully in unison.

“Was that right?” Justin asked.

Gob was looking slightly happier. “Yes,” he grinned shyly. “I’m glad you like it. Sometimes the older kids make fun of my name because it means ‘He who gathers flowers from unexpected corners of the universe in order to promote peace among civilizations that are mired in self-concern to the extent that they threaten to do violence against each other and thus loose sight of the fact that we are all flowers of the same tree.’ So I guess I’m kind of touchy about it.”

“Holy macaroni!” Annie said. “Ok. Now I’m impressed. Does ‘Annie’ mean anything?”

Gob giggled. “It sounds almost like the name that means ‘She who tried to get a mate but failed multiple times due to the lack of genuine interest in the shallow concerns of those with inferior intellect, not to mention a tendency toward snide comments.’”

Annie glared at her friends, as if to say “Don’t anyone dare say anything” and then turned back to Gob. “So, Gob. We could use some answers here. I understand we’re going to your planet, right?”

“Yeah,” Gob replied. “You’ll like it. The air is often breathable.”

“Whoa!” Annie took a breath, both to gather her thoughts and to remind herself that she was still alive. “So where is your planet and what’s it called?”

“It’s near the intersection of the TransFangorian Plasma Route and Great Cave Mouse Subquantum Groove. Near ExtopiaWorld Park. And it’s called Planet P.”

“What does ‘P’ stand for,” Annie asked.

“Planet,” said Gob.

“Planet P for planet?” Annie asked. “Are you kidding? That’s not terribly imaginative.”

“We’re not that big on imagination,” Gob explained. “We wanted something easy to remember. And anyway Earth just means dirt, if I remember.”

“Yeah but “pee” means…” Justin started to say until Johnny poked him in the ribs.

Chapter 45. To the Death

And now 700 pounds of warrior king was rushing at her.

She waited until he was almost on her and quickly stepped out of the way. She could move more quickly than he could. He rushed past.

Think! She’d already used the honor bit. Silver bullet? No. Wooden stake? No. What else? What weapons did she have?

The king came charging back. This time he gauged his approach so that she couldn’t sidestep him. He crashed directly into her, sending her flying and then crashing to the ground. It took her a moment to recover.

Take the offensive. She rushed at the king. He had expected her to try to run away. Her approach took him by surprise. She was fast. As she neared him, she kicked him in the shin on the run, regaining a safe distance. When she turned so that she could see him again, it was clear that the kick had not hurt him. He was too tough.

Where’s his Achilles heel? She couldn’t get close enough to poke his eyes, strangle him, punch him in the gut, kick him in the groin. If she got that close, he could easily overpower her. After all, his reach was longer than hers.

Wear him out by running? She could run faster but did she have more stamina? No point in chasing him. He would just turn and grab her. No way to force him to run.

The king charged her again. She did the only thing she could think of. She ran. But for short distances he could run faster. He caught her, lifted her over his head, and threw her across the field. When she got up, there was sharp pain in her ankle.

The king sprinted over to her and before she could get her balance, he knocked her back down on the ground. As she looked up, he crouched down, sprang and was poised to land on top of her. Using her superior ability to maneuver, she rolled at the last minute and the king landed on the ground with a crash.

Annie jumped up and ran to a safe distance. The king pulled himself up, shaking his right leg. Had he injured himself? Annie looked around for some inspiration. No place to hide. No place to corner the king. No plan. Sweat was pouring down her face. She brushed aside a fly.

The fly came back. She brushed it away again. Then it landed in her ear. And it spoke.

Annie Moon and the Elemental Artifact Anni Moon & The Elemental Artifact

Fantasy, adventure, and mystery collide in this coming of age fantasy series. Readers agree. It's perfect for all kids who are looking to get lost in a magical world filled with charm and wonder, brought to you from the humorous and whimsical mind of Melanie Abed.

Anni Moon doesn’t know about Elementals, Funk, Zephyrs, excited talking Bat-Rat creatures, or least of all, Dragons, but when her best friend, Lexi, is kidnapped, the girls are torn apart, left to their own separate quests.

Follow Anni and Lexi as they are thrown into a world of mystery where Elementals travel through trees, acquire Opus Stones when they come of age, and all the while fight off Funk, a most dreaded and vile force engineered by the evil Fectus. Learn about the fantastical Elemental realms; buckle your seatbelt for an adventure packed thrill ride as Anni and Lexi face off against mutant creatures, griffins, witches, and demon ghosts. Enjoy this incredible journey as two ordinary girls transform themselves from simple orphans to Elemental heroes overnight.

Anna's Ether Anna's Ether

Anna, William's wife of 24 years died of tuberculosis on December 24th, 1881. They had an early Christmas celebration a few days before when the doctor gave her only days to live. William was more than devastated. His amazing inventions had made him the toast of London and he was well on his way to being knighted by Queen Victoria herself. All that changed the day Anna died. William found solace only in his work. Soon he had shut out everything and everyone else from his life. Now, two years after she passed away, he was a complete recluse, mostly forgotten, only coming out of his lab at night to obtain basic supplies in order to keep working.

He started the machine and stepped into the coffin-sized nook lined with vacuum tubes and copper wire. William stood there, covering his ears with his hands as the machine powered up with a deafening hum. Then a sudden flash of light so brilliant that an image of William 's silhouette was burned into the opposite wall. William A. Sinclair was no longer present.

The next morning, housecleaning began their Saturday ritual of cleaning the offices on Fleet Street. As the maid dusted William 's desk a note caught her eye, in bold capital letters it read: "SEE YOU IN 200 YEARS".  She nearly jumped when she looked up and saw William's life size silhouette on the wall like some ethereal photograph. The maid described the scene to the Head maidservant who then told the Landlord, Mr. Pritchett.

Now Mr. Pritchett was quite well known for being a greedy and ofttimes heartless landlord. He immediately interpreted the note to mean that Mr. Sinclair had plans to skip out on him before rent was due on Monday. "See you in 200 years... humph! That hornswoggling blagger!", Prichett muttered to himself. "We will see about that." Monday came and went with no rent payment. Later that week Pritchett reported William to the police and seized all his belongings, including the strange machine that William engaged that rainy night.

William awoke with such a headache he had a hard time focusing on his surroundings. When he finally got his bearings, he realized he was lying in a snow drift looking up into the barren night sky. Not one star, no moon, just cold blackness in every direction. He sat up and looked around but could barely see his hands in front of his face. The wind was blowing snow onto his exposed face and turning his beard into a collection of icicles. It was no use... he needed to find shelter immediately before the elements got to him... exploring would have to wait until morning. After stumbling around in the dark for another hour or so, exhausted, he decided digging a hole in the snow would just have to do for now.

When morning finally came, all William could think of was sleep. I'll just rest a little longer, he thought. The morning light was slowly getting brighter yet that seemed to only make him even wearier. Every time he started to awake, he would immediately fall back asleep. He was dreaming of the machine and could hear it's increasingly loud roar. Anna's kind face appeared hovering over him, gently shaking his shoulder. "Time to wake up, breakfast is ready.", she said softly. He awoke to a sudden unpleasant pain in his shoulder. He was being roughly pulled out of the snow by two men.


Anna The Cockatiel Anna The Cockatiel

July 8, 2014, was a very special day at Linda's Bird House because that is the day I was born! I am a teeny tiny little bird. I looked like a little alien when I was first born! I was pretty funny looking because I didn't have any feathers yet. I really did look like some kind of creature from another planet! I am a female cockatiel. My breeder hand-fed me and hand-raised me, so I am very tame. I have a sister that looks just like me!
The cockatiel is a member of the cockatoo family. Cockatiels are native to Australia. Cockatiels can be trained to talk! The males are usually the only ones that will talk. A female can talk, but it is harder to teach them to talk. They are also harder to understand than the males. They love to whistle too! They are very colorful and the males are more colorful than the females. The males have white or yellow heads. The females have grey heads. The males and females both have pretty orange cheeks. There are several different kinds of cockatiels. They love attention and make wonderful family pets because they are very loving. They love to sit on your shoulder. Some cockatiels have lived to be 22 years old! Most cockatiels live about 15 years. The better care you take of your cockatiel, the longer it will live.
A nice woman named Barbara bought me from Linda's Bird House in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, as a gift for her mother. Her mother was afraid of me, so Barbara brought me to live in her house in Norman, Oklahoma. Her niece named me Anna after the star in the movie "Frozen."
Barbara had two parrots. One of her parrots was a Blue Quaker named Blue. Blue started bullying me, and one day he plucked out all my pretty long tail feathers! One of my tail feathers is still all chewed up on the end. Barbara was attached to me, but she knew she needed to find a new home for me because Blue wouldn't stop picking on me. Blue and I were always together, so I don't know why he did that to me! I thought we were friends. He was being a bad boy. It is not nice to bully someone! Blue was much bigger than I was. I screamed when he was doing it, but he wouldn't stop! He just kept on attacking me until he plucked all my tail feathers completely out! I think he was jealous of me! Barbara put me on her shoulder all the time and I don't think he liked her giving me all that attention. He wanted all of her attention.
Barbara gave me to her best friend who lives in Texas. It was a long trip from Oklahoma to Texas. It was late and I finally arrived at my new home. I was very scared. I hissed at my new owner the first time she tried to get me to step up on her finger. I hissed at her again later too. I bit her, but I didn't bite her hard. The next day, I wasn't as scared as I had been the previous day. I stepped up on her finger and she put me on her shoulder. I liked it up there. She was nice to me. She hand-fed me Cheerios and sunflower seeds. Oh how I loved those Cheerios! I loved all the attention too. I started whistling and having fun. I knew that she wasn't going to hurt me, so I wasn't afraid of her anymore. I stopped hissing at her and I didn't try to bite her anymore. She says, "step up" for me to get on her finger. Then she will say, "perch" and I step off on my perch. I have been trained to do this. I let her pet me all the time.
Barbara sent a bag of goodies for me to my new home. She sent a cage, a food bowl, food, two bird beds, some toys, millet spray, and a jungle gym. Yes, a jungle gym! She is such a nice person! I will miss her. She took such good care of me.
I heard two more birds in the house. They started singing and whistling at me. Then they started chirping at me. I liked it and it made me feel at home. I whistled back at them. I looked over and saw two yellow canaries in my room! Canaries are songbirds. The males are the only ones that can sing. Their names are Ricky and Lucy.
I am five months old now and my tail feathers are finally starting to grow back! I can't wait for my feathers to grow back. I need my tail feathers to fly! I have been at my new home for a week now! I have a HUGE cage where I can fly around inside my cage. My new owner lets me out of the cage every day too. She puts me on her shoulder or she puts me on top of the cage where I run around, play and eat. When she puts me on top of the cage, you can hear the pitter patter of my little tiny feet when I run around up there! She starts laughing when she hears it. She thinks it is so adorable. Sometimes when my owner puts me on top of my cage to play, I jump off and try to fly! I can't fly. My feathers have been clipped so I can't fly. Plus, my tail feathers haven't grown all the way back yet. It is good for me to try to fly. It is fun too! As soon as I land on the floor, I want to be picked up. I start screaming until my owner picks me up and puts me back up on my cage. I am afraid something will get me if I am on the floor. I don't like it on the floor at all! It is scary!

Angles of Reflection Angles of Reflection

Life can be seen from a many different viewpoints and perspectives.

Each of us sees the world around us slightly differently from anyone else, either by experience, compassion, knowledge or ignorance.

Everyone has the capacity for all of these but will always react depending on the events of their past and the consequences they might have on their future.

Whether this is choosing the right path to take on the journey of life, the quiet contemplations whilst witnessing the sun set on the day, or the courage needed to conquer your inner fear; they are all done with the internal reflections upon your life and your soul.

Just like looking at yourself in the mirror, we all look at ourselves from different angles in order to see the better parts of us. We see what we want to see, but not necessarily what we need to see. Only by looking inwards instead of outwards, can we see our true reflection.

Delve into the worlds of serenity, chaos, fear and love and witness some of the many varied and different angles of reflection.

Angle's Secret Angel's Secret

After her parents mysteriously disappeared at the age of thirteen, Evangeline Evans has been on her own. As a military pilot for Olympus, the most powerful and technologically progressive Citadel of the new world, she keeps her reasons for finding them a secret. Without warning a terrifying disease that could destroy civilization begins to infect citizens across the city.

Only the race known as Angels—who brought advanced technology to Earth—seem to be immune to its devastation. Evangeline and her husband Jack, an Artificial Intelligence designer, are swept into a secret war between the Dissidents in the Low Technology Zones and The Quorum of Zeus. The Human race is on the precipice of Extinction. Who will prevail? Angel or Human? High Tech Olympian or Low Tech Dissident? But the better question is… Who SHOULD prevail?

Angel The Great Pyrenees Angel The Great Pyrenees

It is starting to get dark and I am still lost. I am so hungry and thirsty. I am searching for a creek so I can at least get a drink of water. I have never been so hungry in my entire life. I feel like I am starving to death. I am getting weak. I dug a hole under the fence and escaped from my home. I have been roaming all around the streets and pastures in Sherman, Texas. One day, a young woman felt sorry for me and threw me a piece of ham. I finally found a creek and I am lapping up the water. The fresh cold water tastes so good. I don't see anything around the creek that I can eat. If only I could find something to eat. I guess I will just lay down here by the creek and spend the night. That way I can have a nice cool drink of water when I get up in the morning. I am sleeping now and having sweet dreams about eating lots of food. I wish I had a large bone for a snack too.

It is morning and I am drinking water at the creek again. Suddenly, a man appears with a huge net! He starts chasing me and catches me in his net! He is a dogcatcher. He takes me to an animal shelter in Sherman where I am put in a large cage with two Great Pyrenees dogs. I am a Great Pyrenees dog too, so I am sure glad to see them. I am very skinny because I haven't had enough to eat in so long. My bones are sticking out because I have lost so much weight. I am shaking because I am so scared. I don't know what is going to happen to me. There are lots of dogs that are in cages all around me.

The next day, a man comes and gets me. They give me some shots and return me to my cage. They give us all food and water to drink. I am so glad they gave me some food to eat. I ate every bite and I wanted more. I am starting to feel a little better, but I am still very scared. They weighed me and I only weigh 66 pounds! I should weigh 85 pounds!

Later that day, a woman comes to the shelter and starts looking at all the dogs. She comes over to my cage. She can tell that I am very scared. She starts talking to me. Then she reaches in and starts scratching me behind my ears and rubbing my head. I think she is nice. I like her. I wish she would take me with her and get me out of this place. Oh no! She starts walking away and then she leaves. I wonder if I will ever see her again. I sure hope so. Maybe she will come back for me.

Ten days go by and I am still at the animal shelter. It is very loud here because all the dogs are always barking. I hear someone walking up to my cage. I look up and suddenly I see the same woman who was so nice to me! I am so excited. I start wagging my tail. I am hoping she has come to take me home with her. Yes, she has! They open up my cage and put a leash on me. They hand the leash to her. She takes me outside so I can use the bathroom. She starts talking to me. Then she has me lay down and starts rubbing my chest. She gives me a large bone for a snack. After I eat my bone, she takes me inside the shelter so she can sign all the papers to adopt me! I can't believe I got my large bone I wished for!