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Paper in the Wind Paper in the Wind

Several thoughts begin to flood my mind. I cannot imagine life without Alexa. I am Alexa's father, and that is all I am. Every waking moment of my day is dedicated to giving Alexa the support she needs to cope with autism. My body shivers as I try to regain my composure.

Paw Prints in the Butter Paw Prints in the Butter

A Puss in Boots*


In the high-street chemist’s yesterday

Upon a thoughtfully-provided chair

Beside a radiator sat

A large and well-contented cat.

The chance was far too good to miss

For one who loves a play on words

So: ‘Look! A Puss in Boots!’ I cried.


The shopping zombies clearly thought me mad.

They turned, as only English people turn,

A blank and even hostile stare

Upon me, standing foolish there

As ‘Look! A Puss in Boots!’ I cried.


But then the creature stretched and purred

And opened amber eyes (that matched its fur).

And then it turned and winked at me.

I’ll swear I saw it wink at me.

As ‘Look! A Puss in Boots!’ I cried.


*For non-English readers, the Boots pharmacy can be found on every high street in the UK.

Peace and Peril Peace and Peril

The hole in my chest would never be assuaged. I had to function without it and never use his magic again. It didn’t matter that it was part of me too. What mattered was that it was his and we were not as strong as we were before. 

Pieces of the Dark Eight Pieces of the Dark Eight

The First Star has been named and claimed. Answering the call of a quest, the Master Traveler has ventured far from home to a place called the Rims. In many ways it is much like the two systems of his people; the premise of Technology in competition with the Energies is debated on many levels, with neither side able to claim and hold higher ground. Still, it is the matter of the quest that beckons him – the Star Chaser – to engage this place and find not only the source of the rising plight of humanity, but the solution which will deliver the race of the Founders. It has been several years since he came to the Rims, and the time approaches for the Traveler to remove his veil and be seen.

It is an awesome task that awaits Dungias. The final picture is not yet in frame, only the pieces that may or may not contribute to the overall scheme.

In Pieces of the Dark Eight, factors that are still beyond the comprehension of the Master Traveler are found, forged, and finalized. Though the many eyes of the Rims do not see the Master Traveler, he has indeed introduced himself to this place and the ripples of that event are being felt. What part will they play in the matters to come? Will they even play at all?! Only time will tell. In this exclusive story bonus bridging the Prelude to Book One of the BEYOND THE OUTER RIM Series, these hidden pieces of the game are marked and recorded.

Poems from a twisted mind Poems from a Twisted Mind


Camouflaged for your convenience.
In the friend zone coliseum.
Open the crypt of this mausoleum.
And you'll discover I'm herculean.

Look inside and not the outside shell.
Dive head first into my well.
Go down deep into my atomic cells.
There you will find my inner self.

Never judge a book by its outside glory.
Go much deeper for a better story.
A whole new world of awe and wonder.
It's multi-layered and multi-colored.

Superficial love is so damn cliche'.
Who couldn't love every single day?
But that ain't love, You've been betrayed.
In the kiddie pool there aren't any waves.

Have you ever felt so loved you couldn't breathe?
Like the ocean that surrounds a submarine.
The depth of the love is hard to conceive.
But that's the kind of love that's inside me.

Don't throw me away like a broken toy.
I might be the perfect one to bring you joy.
You'll never know if you never try.
So stop one time and just say hi.

Written by
Michael Joseph Patton
© 2015


I wonder where I was before I was born.
Did I have a place that I could call home ?
I wonder If I was very happy there.
And did I even have a choice in coming here ?

Contemplating the possibilities of my own existence.
Searching for knowledge with all my persistence.
Leaving no stone that I can find unturned.
Growing and growing the more knowledge that I've learned.

Everyone's preoccupied with the idea of horns and halo's.
But that only answers the question of where do we go.
For my piece of mind I want to know who I was before me.
Was I all alone in the cosmos or part of the cosmic tree ?

Is this current trip my first in this milky way universe ?
Or have I been here or somewhere else before ?
I wonder how many names I've been known as.
And If I'm the same exact being at my very core ?

I think that I exist, 'cause here I is writing this.
But I guess that really don't prove a thing.
With matrix on the silver screen or to be or not to be.
This could all be just someone else's dream.

Written by
Michael Joseph Patton
@C 2015


When I was with her, Didn't see her, Didn't feel her touch.
When I was with her, Never held her, Didn't need her much.
When I was with her, Didn't know her, Didn't think I would.
When I was with her, Never showed her, Didn't think I could.

Now I'm without her.
It's getting colder.
I can not feel a thing.
Let me go.
Let me do.
What I need.
To make it through.
Someday I'll find peace.
Without you.

Held a diamond in the palm of my hand.
Held too tight and it turned to sand.
What has happened, I don't understand.
I'm Jekyll and Hyde, The evil man.

The same routine, The same mistakes.
I never quite learned just what it takes.
Loud and proud with my head held high.
I guess falling down was my only prize.

Now caught in a tin can.
With her cold hand.
Holding down the lid.
Darkness surrounds me now.
Can not climb my way out.
I can not find a grip.

The devil is waiting.
Watching me fall apart.
The sinner is paying.
But I'll do no praying.
Trying to save my heart.

Written by
Michael Joseph Patton
© 2015

Poetry in Composition Poetry in Composition

Feelings are a powerful thing. As a teen, Angel Leya experienced the angst of transition and chronicled her thoughts and emotions in poetry. This collection displays those poems in a thoughtful series of themes that will take you from the depths of despair and uncertainty to the heights of hope. Each poem has been carefully paired with photography to enrich the experience. It's a symphony of stimuli that's sure to take you on an emotional journey through the good and bad of the human heart, as told by a young woman whose faith always brought her back to the perspective of one redeemed.

Pomeranian - Breed Of A Queen Pomeranian - Breed Of A Queen

Among such giants as the Norwegian Elkhound, Alaskan Malamute, Samoyed and others, the Pomeranian is the smallest of the Spitz family breed of dogs.

Cute, furry and feisty, these Poms are smart and fiercely loyal to their owners and families. But don’t let that cuteness fool you! They are definitely bold, independent dogs with a mind of their own. They are intensely curious about everything around them, and alert. In their minds, sometimes unfortunately, they are immensely bigger than they really are and this can sometimes cause them to pester and even attack dogs that are much larger.

If properly socialized with other animals and dogs, they usually get along very well with them.

A tiny toy-sized dog, the Pomeranian’s head is in proportion to the body and is shaped like a wedge. Some say their faces are pansy or baby-doll like while others describe them as foxlike. His short snout is fine and straight with a pronounced stop, and either dark colored or the color of his coat. Their medium-sized, almond-shaped, dark eyes light up with curiosity and intelligence.

Their uniquely plumed tail feathers out flat across their back, and sometimes their dewclaws are removed. Having a double coat, the Pom’s undercoat is short, thick and very soft while the outer coat is harsher to the touch, straight and long, where it is bushier about the chest and neck, forming a frill.

These lovely little dogs come in all colors, with the solid ones generally black, brown, blue, cream or white, orange and red. You might come across a white Pom, rarely, that is parti-colored, or a tan and black one, or even a sable and orange one. His bushy double coat stands out from his body. Though it appears that it might be hard to care for, all it needs is regular brushing.

Is it possible for a Pomeranian to change its color? Indeed, it is! Find out more in this Amazon 4 star rated book: “Pomeranian Breed of A Queen!”


Project Bonfire Project Bonfire

The Russian state of Sverdlosk was the Soviet Union’s center of fringe military research during the cold war. There, terrifying biological weapons, capable of inflicting unspeakable horror, were intensively researched and developed. Every single medium and long range armament in the Soviet arsenal was repurposed to deliver these lethal agents to anywhere on the globe. The cold war eventually ended. The research did not.

Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.
Sun Tzu – "THE ART OF WAR"
Promised Land Lane Promised Land Lane

In 1901, an innocent child was cruelly tortured, and murdered by her vengeful mother.
Twisting her once beautiful soul into something evil and monstrous.
Her name was Maisie Whitmore.
Bound forever to Promised Land Lane, she will take her revenge on those foolish enough to cross her path.
If Maisie sees you. Run, for she will never forget.