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Kahuna The Magician Kahuna The Magician

Kahuna is a great magician who lives on a beautiful island in Hawaii. Kahuna means "a secret" in Hawaiian. He performs magic shows every night for the local Hawaiians and the visiting tourists. He has a huge secret that he is keeping from everyone. He is not only a magician; he really does have magical powers. That is why his magic shows are so incredible. They look so real, because they are real!

He paints his face, chest, and legs with black and red stripes before every magic show. He can breathe fire and twirl circles of fire without getting burned! He performs an amazing fire dance with two fiery batons. He can swallow a sword without getting cut! He can make himself invisible and also float high up into the air. A white tiger will suddenly appear on the stage out of nowhere! Then he will make an elephant appear and disappear! He always has a huge two-headed snake that he uses in his magic act. He taps the snake on its head with his magic wand and says, "Abracadabra!" POOF! The snake will crawl out of a huge puff of white smoke, and then one of the heads will disappear. Kahuna also stands on the stage in front of everyone. Then he waves his hands up into the air. POOF! A huge puff of white smoke appears, and he disappears! Suddenly, he is standing in the back of the crowd. He brings a white kitten out on the stage. He taps the kitten on its head with his magic wand and says, "Hocus Pocus!" POOF! A huge puff of white smoke appears, and the kitten turns into a huge white lion! He folds up a white handkerchief and places it in his hand. He closes his hand and throws his hand into the air. A white dove comes flying out of his hand! Then he pulls a white bunny out of his black magician's hat!

One of his magic tricks that he often performs is called "Fists of Fire." He puts his fists into a burning fire and opens up his hands. The flames do not burn him! He shows his hands to the crowd after he pulls them out of the fire. Everyone is always very shocked!

He uses fire a lot in his shows. Another show he always performs that stuns the crowd is when he sets himself on fire! He wraps himself in cloths and sets the cloths on fire. Then he runs down the street past the crowd, and someone sprays him with foam to put the fire out. He calls this show "Man on Fire."

Another magic trick that he performs is called "Fire Walker." He walks on a bed of hot coals. Then he shows the bottom of his feet to the crowd. There are no burns!

Kahuna performs another magic trick; he walks on a bed of sharp pointed nails. Then he shows the bottom of his feet to the crowd. There are no wounds! This magic trick is called "Bed of Nails."

When people leave his magic show, he shocks them every single time. They hate when his show ends, and they want to see more of his magic. He always hears someone say, "How did he do that?" The children always say, "Wow!" In his mind he always laughs because he is the only one that knows that it is real magic. He always stays after his shows end to sign autographs for people in the crowd. People love him, and he is very famous.

When Kahuna was twenty years old, a huge bolt of lightning struck him on his head during a severe thunderstorm in Hawaii. Someone saw it happen, and they called for help right away. An ambulance came and rushed him to the hospital. The doctors were all amazed that he survived such a bad electrical shock to his body. He had severe burns all over the bottom of his feet, and all of the hair on his head was burned off! His head was black, and he was completely bald! The doctors told him that it was a true miracle that he lived. His brown eyes turned black! His voice changed and became very deep. When his hair grew back in, it was solid white! He never cut his hair again. His hair became very long, and it was still very white. He grew a long white beard and moustache. He never cut his beard or moustache either. His beard and moustache grew and grew. Many people thought he looked just like Merlin The Magician.

Kalima The Secret of the Jungle Kalima The Secret of the Jungle

This is the story of Kalima, a young zebra born in a corner of the jungle of Kenya. She is the last descendant of a very special breed called The Guides, well known for being protectors of the herd, and always staying alert. She has recently been made an orphan due to a lion attack that killed off her mom. Her grandmother becomes her caretaker, as she is an old and wise zebra who holds great knowledge. Kalima loves flowers, chases butterflies and plays with her friend Norba, the youngest member of the elephant pack. But as one of The Guides, soon she is going to receive a big responsibility, she will keep a very important secret hidden in the jungle. Unfortunately, looks like she doesn’t have any clue about it.
The first of a trilogy, this book introduces to Kalima's journey. Beginning in the jungle, her homeland, the little zebra is going to confront the ancestors heritage and her dreams in the process to find her destiny. In a humorous and serious way at the same time, the story will explore how we humans pretend to respect nature and animals rights.

Kate Greene of Earth Kate Greene of Earth

“Amie and Charlie ran across the field and into the woods. Amie nearly tripped over the dilapidated fence except for Charlie pointed it out to her. She still couldn’t figure Charlie out, it was almost like he expected it to be there. Whenever she would ask him about this he always said it was nothing more than experience or one of his ‘hunches’. Once in the woods, suddenly the idea of nailing a crystal-meth addicted parkour expert seemed really infeasible.

Night had fully fallen. There was no trace of light from the sun at all and outside of their flashlights little else illuminated the eerie woods. Everywhere they looked dark, angular shadows jutted out contrasted against brightly lit tree-trunks making the whole woods look alive and threatening. They tried their best to follow the crashing sounds but they seemed to be coming from different directions all at once.  Suddenly, the crashing stopped and they ran towards it. They looked around with flashlights pointing in all directions for a while before Amie slowly trailed her flashlight up the trunk of one of the nearby larger trees. The light hit something black and angular and, as Amie’s eyes followed it, there was more to the shape. She followed it up to a bend and then in joined with another shape and suddenly it turned tan. Amie realized she was looking at the bottom of a black torso

…wearing cargo shorts? It was clearly a pair of typical cargo-styled shorts with buttons and pockets. The problem was they were a good 20 feet up in the trees above Amie’s head. Then Amie shown her light higher and found arms.

…and then more arms…

Amie couldn’t move. She couldn’t speak. Fear paralyzed every part of her body save for her flashlight hand which dutifully trailed the appendages until a head was revealed. Eight black eyes blinked in Amie’s bright light while fronds of what looked like ‘hair’ but moved cast eerie shadows in the sharp light. Suddenly the creature’s mouth snapped wide open.

Wider than could even be imagined…

Rows of razor sharp teeth jutted out of the mouth as the creature screamed something unearthly and leapt away. The scream brought Charlie’s light up but all he saw was the slip of something moving away fast. Amie couldn’t help herself. She collapsed to the ground panting and shivering at Charlie’s feet and held onto his leg with her flashlight pointing up.

That was no meth-addicted-parkour-expert-electrical-engineering-survivalist who likes porn and classical literature…

“Jesus Christ, Amie, what the fuck was that thing?” Amie was whimpering and shivering. It couldn’t be. Amie thought “This is real life. Shit like this doesn’t happen in real life.” Amie slowly answered Charlie

“It’s not human...”

Tracy Ball - Kayos Kayos

“I don’t want you in jeopardy. Is that so hard for you to understand?”

“We’re in a war. I’m a criminal. Is that so hard for you to understand?
We’re fresh out of those bubbles you like to put me in.”

“You don’t have to help them hurt you, Lareina. You don’t.”

“No. I can get to them first.”

“That’s what I’m for.”

“I know.”

There was nothing to say to that. They were silent.

Silas knocked once and let himself in. If he cared what they thought of his intrusion, it didn’t show. “I’m here to interrupt your little powwow.” He directed his conversation to Christian. “I know you’re a big man, all scary and shit. But that don’t mean a damned thing around here.” He slapped two pills down on Lareina’s nightstand. “Your antidote. You better take it within the hour.” He ignored her raised eyebrows, keeping his focus on Christian. “You’ll need one of those every night for at least a week. Here are your choices…You can be a part of the solution, or you can wake up and start chasing us again. But I have to say you really are shit at it. You ain’t that hard to elude. So give it a good think.” He turned to leave.

“Silas!” Lareina wanted to laugh. She sooo wanted to laugh. She put a restraining hand on Christian. “You drugged us?”

Silas glanced back, unrepentive. “My way is effective, decisive and keeps you out of the mix. You can’t think straight with him around, anyway. Maybe you need to be asleep.”

“Boy, I’m going to beat the snot out of you.” Her uncontrolled grin nixed the threat.

“When I’m in the market for a mosquito bite, I’ll let you know.” He let himself out.

Silas was Silas. Lareina knew that when she collected him. She created him. Damn, he was good.

Christian was another matter altogether. He hadn’t said a word. That was never a good thing. “Christian?”

It took a minute before he responded. When he did, it was devoid of emotion. He snapped his eyes at her, deeply sincere with his intent. “You might want to start getting unattached and resign yourself to knowing I’m going to kill him. I’m informing you now, so when it happens you will be able to recall I warned you.”

Lareina felt a chill.

Kissed By The Snow Kissed By The Snow

The cartels murdered his father. For former SEAL Rob Kincaid, the War on Drugs just became personal.

As the leader of the Red Squadron Security Agency, Rob is used to working under the radar - taking on government jobs that wouldn’t exactly pass congressional oversight. Being thirsty for revenge, he’s more than willing to take on Operation Snow Plow, a clandestine FBI plan to eliminate the cartels once and for all.

But as Rob digs deeper into the plan, he realizes this isn’t a typical government black op. Instead, he uncovers a shocking web of lies and conspiracies that can be traced back to the very core of Operation Snow Plow.

As he attempts to unravel that web, he finds himself plunged into a high stakes game of odd man out, where he has been targeted as the odd man.

Knights of the Inner Rim Knights of the Inner Rim

"You've come to the Rims. This is the place of High Adventure!"

It all began with One Last Errand (SylverMoon Chronicles Vol V). Before Dungias, before JoJo Starblazer, before the games being played to change the known universe... First there was a single young boy touched by fate.

Orphaned at a very young age, Valian Styrke found himself in a realm far away from where he was born. Adopted and raised by the House Jhormynn, Valian was part of a world to which he never truly belonged. A world that tried to label him - a world that tried to change him.

But Valian kept to his heritage; he maintained his identity and most importantly, he kept to the dedication of courage and honor demonstrated in his parents’ final act... A dedication and loyalty which will be tested time and time again in his quest to become the man his parents meant him to be. In the Inner Rim Empire, there is a paragon of skill and power called the KnighT. Valian is but one hopeful, seeking his place in their number.

Knockout Knockout

The lighter weights always fight first. The place was filled up now. My coach holds the ropes open and I step into the ring. He tells me this, "He didn't warm up. He's cold. Knock him out." The ref asks me how I feel. I tell him I'm dying. He laughs and says, "You'll be all right."

Now all this time, the fear is indescribable. It had nothing to do with this kid or anything. There is something about getting into a ring surrounded by people watching you and fighting.

I'm thinking it's him or me. Over and over, like a drumbeat in my head. I felt like a cornered rat. Scared mean and viscous. The bell rings. Like most fights I just remember fragments. It was the same combination, the whole fight, three quick, hard jabs and a right hand. The first knock down I thought he slipped. I didn't feel any contact. It felt like I was punching a sheet hanging on a line -- I was punching right through him. The second knockdown was -- I started to get excited. I realized that I could get out of there right now! I never wanted anything so bad in my life.

And then it really hit me, I could win!

This kid was backed up on the ropes getting an 8 count.

The ref had waved me to a neutral corner. I looked to the corner where the judges were and there was a lady judge sitting there, she was blond, and good looking.

Her lips were parted and her eyes were shiny. She looked hungry. They all did. I felt this huge rush of adrenalin. I started to jump up and down in place. The murder came up in my eyes and I turned my eyes on my opponent. I had picked up the count at five.

The ref waved me in and as I closed the distance I felt my head lower and my chin tuck and it was like I was outside of myself and within at the same time. But the point is that I was being careful.

I saw the brass ring. I had him on the hook and I wasn't going to let him off, it was him or me.

Three hard jabs and he brings his gloves in front of his face. He's trying to hide behind his gloves.

Now here is the peroration of my whole story. I saw an opening, a space between his head gear and his gloves. It was like the clouds parting for the sun. Time warped, slipped away, disappeared, it was a moment frozen in time. I was in hyper focus.

I decided that my glove would fit through that little opening. I pulled the trigger and knocked him out. At the moment of impact I twisted my hip into the punch. I put my ass into it. A perfect right hand and the hardest punch I ever threw and I could really punch. That punch would have knocked out any amateur anywhere.

He went down and his neck was on the bottom strand and his eyes were wide open but sightless, he was out cold, out of this world. The doctor came running.

I looked into the audience. Two teenage girls, about 18, were looking at me, their eyes shiny with lust. I thought: so that's the way it is – power!

There was such a confluence of feelings going through me -- deep, deep pathos. I thought: this is one fucked up world.

I didn't prance around with my gloves held high. He was just a kid. But it was me or him. And I decided it had to be me. So I hug this kid. He looked resentful. My coach is spreading the ropes for me. I tell him, "I still don't like it." Then I start snickering, "I could learn to like it." He tells me, "They won't all be this easy." I beat the next guy. He ran and held.

There was a three hour break until the finals. I was tired, I was emotionally spent. I didn't want that last fight. And I had seen the guy fight and I really didn't know how I was going to beat him.

I later learnt that he had lied to get into the tournament. He had 7 fights going in, instead of five. I had one, as I said. One of the guys he beat told me that.

He stopped me with a right hand that hurt me and I got an eight count and I rushed in and got caught again. I never went down. RSC.

Referee stops contest and he stopped it in the second round. I was taking a beating.

Yes, I felt ashamed. A lot of people wanted me to win. There is a lot of racial shit in the states.

I'm not really a fighter. I made myself do it. I wanted to be like my friend, Jamie Ollenberger. I admired fighters. I got a very late start and what success I did have was because I had very heavy hands.

Once I asked a very good retired fighter and trainer, Hedgman Lewis, a welterweight active in the late sixties, if I could even call myself a fighter. He said, "You got in there. You fought."

I didn't have much of a career. I was basically 50/50. End