The Miserable Life of Tac: The Aluminum Can

While Dr. Psych sat and waited for his next patient, Tac realized it was time to have a little therapy session himself.

“Dr. Psych?” Tac called out.

Dr. Psych looked around the office, but didn’t see anyone.

“Down here.” Dr. Psych looked at the aluminum can sitting on his desk.

“My name is, Tac.” Dr. Psych jumped up and locked the door. It just wouldn’t look right for a Psychologist to be talking to a can.

“What’s the problem Tac?”

“My life.” he sobbed.

“Tell me about it,” he suggested.

He shivered at the thought of having to recall his past. He gazed longingly out the window.

“Well… it all started when I was born from Mama Bauxite.


This is a children's recycling book that is hilarious, yet positive and will give children a whimsical view on recycling. They will not look at a soda can in the same way, again!
Annette Bentley Smith is a writer of children’s short stories, rhyming poetry and picture books, for ages 0-4 and 5-9.