The Girl In White

Emma’s translucent figure looked different than she had earlier that day. There was no anguish on her face. Instead, it was distorted by the kind of fury which made my blood run cold. She was dressed all in white, everything about her a mix of beauty and horror.
Her mouth worked silently like it had done earlier, yet no sound came from her. That fury changed to a demented rage.
I stood still, my eyes fixed on her with terror in my heart. It occurred to me after a few seconds that Ian stood directly next to me. His arm was rested against mine, small tremors passing through it.
I couldn’t take my eyes off Emma. I didn’t even notice when Ian’s fingers entwined with mine. We stood and stared together until she disappeared as she had done earlier.
I took in a quivery breath and glanced over to find that Ian’s face was damp with sweat, his teeth clamped on the inside of his cheek in a way that distorted his face. He had seen her too? How was that possible?
I had been willing to accept my own delusion. The idea that Ian too had lost his mind, that was not possible. We had seen her. She had been there.
I squeezed his fingers, relieved when he looked down at our hands. The spell had been broken. He pulled his hand free and reached up to rub at the back of his neck. It was an odd thing to see him not as Emma’s brother but as a guy who was as scared as I was.
Our eyes met and I knew that whatever was going on, we would figure it out together. He and I could very well turn out to be friends . . . maybe.


Two years before, Madison Meyer’s best friend killed herself . . . or that’s what they all believed. The truth about Emma’s death was something only Emma and her killer knew. Now, Emma’s spirit has returned to try and show Maddie what really happened to her. Seventeen-year-old Madison’s life has just begun to go back to something that resembles normal for a genius level girl with a special proclivity for anything electronic. Computers were the world she immersed herself in after the death of her friend. Now, Maddie has to figure out what really happened to Emma, using the intelligence that is her stock and trade. The trouble is, lives are being lost. Can Maddie and her friend Ian figure out the mystery of Emma’s death before it’s too late? Find out in this gripping mystery which is the first book in the exciting series to come!
Shannon Reber was born a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . . or her imagination was anyway. She lives in western New York with her husband and a wide variety of both real and imaginary friends who often battle it out for dominance in her head. Who needs yet another normal person in this messed up world? Read her books, or the evil overlord will take control of her mind!

Madison Mayer's best friend, Emma, killed herself two years ago. Now, when Madison moves back to her hometown, strange things start happening. More apparent suicides start turning up with some eerily similar circumstances, causing Madison to wonder if Emma really did kill herself. If not, who did? And how to get the police to pay attention?

I love a good mystery. I'm usually pretty good at figuring them out, too. Not so much this time, though. The ending was not what I was expecting at all. Highly recommended!