One Rule

“Follow One Rule”, the author’s father once told him, “and you will have confidence, success, and true meaning in your life”. Howard Wand’s self-help book outlines how developing personal and professional relationships using “One Rule” leads to success in your...
Author: Howard Wand

A Measure Of Faith

Two weeks before her 40th birthday, Lynette receives distressing news from her doctor. Already feeling despondent over turning 40, this sends her into a whirlwind of all sorts of negative emotions.
Author: Maxine Billings

Diary of a Missionary Kid

Travel with Beth on a journey through machine guns & mafia, romance & heartbreak, dreams & struggles and find keys to unlock your destiny all along the way. "Beth Olson is a great friend of mine. I know her well....
Author: Beth Olson

Being Indie

Be a Savvy Indie Author. End Frustrations and Overwhelm. Save time. Save money. Publish High Quality Books that Sell. A must read guide for Indie Authors.
Author: Eeva Lancaster

A Mother's Heart

Parenting is a challenging journey, especially when raising a child who requires extra attention. There are days when it feels as if you're trapped in a dark cave with no way out. The lonesomeness and helplessness exhaust you. You may...