Tale of the Murderous Southern Belle

Step into the fictional town of Bucksdale Mississippi, where you'll meet the riveting character of ELLANECE MOSLEY, a woman who fronts as a home and property flipping realtor, but in reality, is a psychotic serial killer, who stalks men and lures them to their death, with her beguiling methods. Throughout this TALE OF THE MURDEROUS SOUTHERN BELLE, along with Ellanece's victims, you'll also meet the town's detectives, JASPER LEWIS and TRACI HARMON. After seemingly getting away with her first murder, of one DENNIS HENDERSON, she knows that time is running out for her, in the small town. So she employs the help of various other contractors, to help her complete her real estate investment. One of the helpers being a young man by the name of, JUSTIN HOWARD, winds up falling head over heels for his deadly but charming employer, ELLANECE, who decides to set him up, to take the blame for another murder that she plans on committing. Will ELLANECE get away with it all? Or will the combined forces of JUSTIN HOWARD, and the detectives of Bucksdale, be able to stop her, and deliver the justice that is long over due for this Murderous Southern Belle.


A young seemingly innocent female house flipper, moves to a small town to renovate a home, but somehow always winds up with a dead body at her doorstep.
Hello, I'm J.F. Fleming, but friends and family just call me Frank or Franko. I live in Tuscaloosa Alabama, and am currently trying to expand my career as a writer of fiction. The genres I write in are: Crime-Fiction, Science-Fiction, and Psycho-Thrillers. I also dabble in blogging and poetry construction. What do I classify myself as: A writer, a novelist, a blogger, or a poet? All of them I suppose, so really, I guess I would just have to classify myself as an artist.
Mystery, murder and sex; what more could a reader want?
on July 25, 2016
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