Steve Leasock

Steve Leasock

Steve grew up in the American northern Appalachian Mountains. He enjoyed the beauty and simplicity of nature and life in the tranquility of country living. He started writing poems and short stories during high school. There were experiences during his youth that were difficult but have enriched his understanding of life and humankind immensely. He spent over three years practically living out of a backpack as he traveled from place to place; working as a farmer, convention coordinator, bartender and D.J.

He studied Marketing and Management in America and later Psychology and Humanities in Europe; where he has lived for many years. This cultural diversity has nurtured and expanded his understanding of human nature and given him first-hand experiences with individuals from around the world. Steve had the opportunity to participate in various writing contests and other projects during his education.

He entered a national essay contest during college in America and was chosen to represent Pennsylvania as one of fifty students nationwide that were awarded a one week seminar in northern New York. The seminar event was hosted by the American Management association (A.M.A.)

Steve's written works and teachings are the result of an inner transformation that took place after he came to terms with the realization that life is much more then the content of our human existence. He is involved in sharing, learning and growing with others; who are embracing a level of human consciousness that is attuned with universal intelligence.

He is the author of "Simplicity of Life" and "One Moment in Life". His books and blog website consider topics in spirituality, human existence and life awareness. His website provides a sharing portal for people who are consciously awakening and have started the inward journey in search of oneself. He is dedicated to sharing a universal knowledge that is innately known to everyone. Steve has many manuscript projects planned in diverse genres over the next few years including; spirituality, self help, poetry, children’s, science fiction and non-fiction.

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I have been writing since I was a young teenager. I have always enjoyed expressing myself through written words. The writing assignments in high school and college had always filled me with enthusiasm. There is a feeling of intense delight and fulfillment when I write. It is wonderful to sit back and just let the words flow from my fingers. I have written many poems and short stories but did not take writing seriously until two years ago. It is not possible for me to express in words what inspires me to write. I feel that writing is an extension of the mind. It is a manner by which ideas, imagination and fantasy are brought to life. Writing is fulfilling. It gives me the opportunity to share. I have always been fascinated by the storytelling in each of us.
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Posted on: May 5th, 2017

Steve is the author of “Simplicity of Life” and “One Moment in Life”. His books and blog website are dedicated to spirituality, human existence and life awareness. Steve additionally writes weekly articles and shares these on various websites. He is currently writing a third book in the “Life” series. It should be published in the autumn of 2017.