Steve Braker

Steve Braker

Born and raised in the UK, Steve Braker grew up living on the coast. Naturally an outdoorsman, one could always find him anywhere near the water - on the beach, surfing and fishing or sailing and rock climbing. Soon the illustrious traveling bug bit him, and he spent a few years venturing throughout Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo, The Gambia, and India.

Once done with his whirlwind tour, he returned to work in London and eventually became the owner of an English Language School for foreign students, in the heart of the West End of London U.K. During the next decade, his passion for teaching grew, this is where his love of writing and the English Language began. After his time in London, Steve moved to East Africa, settling on the coast of Kenya, in a beach town called Mombasa, with his wife and four kids - now all grown up and successful on their own. As an experienced PADI Open Water Dive Instructor, Steve has taught new divers the skills of Scuba Diving.

His other maritime passions include swimming, wakeboarding, sailing, fishing and water-skiing. With well over a thousand dives under his belt, Steve has explored the coast of East Africa from the tip of Mozambique to the border of Somalia. He has sailed the length of Kenya and Tanzania in a 32 foot wooden Dhow having had many adventures on the way.

With teaching in his blood - whether the classroom be on land or in the water - and the love of storytelling in his heart, Steve continued to write. Drawing from his real-life experiences creating exciting stories for his characters, he crafts tales with depth, intrigue, real-world applications, and locations. When he is not writing or spending time with family, Steve can be found on his boat enjoying many of the same hobbies that his characters do: fishing, diving, exploring and everything the ocean has to offer.

Lenka's List had the pleasure to publish this interview on: February 14th, 2017
I have four kids and two step kids the last one has just headed off to boarding school which is very common here in Kenya. My wife is a very busy lawyer in Mombasa. I am a serial Entrepreneur but after the kids left I found I had considerably more time on my hands than usual. I was sat in my local bar discussing life as us post fifty year old's tend to do, when my friend said, "Steve your life has been all over the place you should write a book, get it all on paper before you head off and kill yourself doing something stupid!" It was a throwaway line in a long conversation, but it struck a chord with me, by the time I got home I was hooked, the stories were just bubbling out like a tap had been turned on!
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