Steve Altier Interview

Steve Altier was born in a small town in central Pennsylvania. Aka “Lizardville” He currently lives in the Tampa Bay Metro area with his wife. Steve has four daughters and three loving cats.

What inspired you to write?
I always wanted to be a journalist. I imaged myself traveling around the world covering stories for some big newspaper. But that never happened and I ended up joining the Air Force and serving my country for four years.

Did the inspiration to write come to you suddenly, or had you been thinking about it some time?
No, it's something I wanted to do as a child, of course, life got in the way, and I raised three wonderful daughters. When the last one flew the coop, I found myself with the extra time I need to focus on following my dreams.

How did you tell your story? In other words, did you use an outline, or just write your story from start to finish?
I keep a binder and when I get an idea, I jot everything down, a beginning, a middle and an end. I also write down anything that might be important to the story. When I'm writing, I seem to get in a groove, and things come to me that I hadn't thought of until that moment.

Did you receive any encouragement from family and friends, or did you work on your book alone?
I receive some ideas for my stories from friends and family. I'm always a little concerned about ideas that came from a friend. Just because of copyright laws.

What was the most difficult part of writing your book?
Editing, and reading the book over and over, trying to make sure it is the way I want it.

What was the most enjoyable aspect of writing your book?
Seeing the book published, there is no greater feeling than seeing the final product.

Did you experience any personal transformation after the book was published?
Not really, I'm the same person I was before.

What’s something that gets in the way of your creativity?
My everyday job, I would love to be a full-time writer, but I have bills to pay.

What strategies do you use to deal with criticism?
I love feedback and reviews, good or bad, I read them and try to learn from them.

Where did you grow up and what is your favorite/worst childhood memory?
I grew up in a small town in central Pennsylvania. Very much like my story, Lizardville. My best memories were the times I spent fishing with my grandpa.

Do you have a favorite quote?
Always follow your dreams.

What is your favorite show on TV?
The Big Bang Theory. I also loved Warehouse 13 when it was on Sci-Fi and I'm really enjoying Timeless on NBC that came out this year. When I was a child, it was Lost in Space.

Favorite movie?
That is a tough one, I love so many movies. The Harry Potter series, the Hunger Games are among My favorites, but If I had to pick just one, it might be Rose Red, by Stephen King.

Favorite book?
The Hobbit, followed by The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer - My life at Rose Red. By Joyce Reardon.

Who would you want to meet if you could? Dead or alive.
Stephen King or James Patterson.

Is there a talent you wish you had?
I wish I would write like Stephen King.

What’s something about you that would surprise us?
I love to go to yard sales, goodwill's and salvation army's to look for old and unusual books.

Describe yourself in 3 words!
Never give up.