Starblazer: Through the Black Gate

You have just entered a new realm - a new Universe where there are worlds, races, powers, allies and enemies just waiting to be discovered. You have found yourself...

Beyond the Outer Rim

In the prelude to the series, we met Dungias as he became the Star Chaser – forever changing his world and receiving a quest to travel to a distant system and save the progeny of the Founders.

Venturing to the Rims, Dungias encounters new races, new cultures, and a self-styled adventurer by the name of JoJo Starblazer. A brilliant and daring pilot, this pirate seeks her freedom from the constraints of the Inner Rim Empire, the Middle Rim corporations, and the Outer Rim races of legend.

With only her skill, her savvy, and one dedicated First Mate, she seeks to find her niche in the Cosmos... even if she has to cut it out first!

"You've come to the Rims. This is the place of High Adventure!"
The World According to Garp was perhaps the first sign to a troubled young man that his life might very well be okay. It was incredibly reassuring to see that a young man from such a deeply interesting background can find his niche in life.

"There are pirates and then there are *pirates*! This book hits the ground running and the protagonist NEVER looks back - except maybe to chuckle. Fantastic read."