Stacy Kaunis of the Milky Way

“Stacey’s eyes fluttered and she began to shift about. Hode said “Are you ok?” In a way, he felt like he had been having a long-winded conversation with her already. Stacey smiled lightly at him and said “Thanks for not hurting me or taking advantage of me when I was paralyzed. I guess that makes us even.” Hode smiled sadly “I had to. It was the right thing to do.” They looked into each other’s eyes for a while. Stacey said “Do you want to hear me answer your questions? Even though you have been told that I’m going to lie.” Hode blinked slowly. This was not stupid, thug, weapon behavior at all. Hode said “Well, how about this. I will listen to your lies and just tell myself it is fiction. That way it is ok and may help just pass the time for both of us until the prime operator tells me what I have to do next. Go ahead and say whatever it is you want to say.” Stacey took a deep breath. She didn’t know where to start. Part of her wanted to plead to be let out of the restraints but she knew that would get her nowhere.  So she began “A long time ago the Dartuian Empire built a weapon.” Then she looked at Hode deep in his eyes and said softly “But it isn’t a weapon anymore…”

Hode smiled and said “Go on, but, first, do you things have names? If so, what is yours?” Stacey chuckled and shook her head sadly “We’re not things. My name is Stacey Kaunis.” Hode tried desperately to wrap his mouth around the insanely difficult to pronounce name for a second before Stacey said “But my friends just call me ‘Stak’. I think I heard the other one, Domp, call you Hode? Is that your name?” Hode nodded “Yes, that’s mine. It is nice to meet you Stak even though the circumstances are a bit odd.” Stacey sighed “Odd circumstances are happening a lot to me lately. Would you like to hear my fictional tale?” Hode nodded.

Sitting there in front of Stacey, Hode heard an unbelievable and fantastic tale. About a people who didn’t know they were supposed to be weapons and as such gave up all the weapon-like ways of their past. He heard a tale of people rising above what they were supposed to be and constructing not just a civilization but civilized society in which literature, music, religion, philosophy, and ethics flourished. Stacey explained what she had uploaded was written documents regarding these achievements and the small snippet that Hode had read was the beginning of an important piece of religious literature. Hode pointed to Daniel and Kate and said “Ok, what is up with those two. Were they hunting you?” Stacey shook her head and said “No, they were probably coming to rescue me.” Hode raised an eyebrow “Kiate? Rescuing a human?” Stacey laughed “Are you ready to have your mind blown?” Hode was taken aback, but Stacey said “No, I mean, just for a surprise. Sorry, common expression on Earth that is not nearly as violent as it sounds. Anyways, are you ready for a surprise?” Hode shrugged. It was all lies anyhow, right? How could it be surprising? Stacey leaned in as far as her restraints allowed her and she said quietly “The one you call Kiate is named Kate on our planet. Her and the human man, Daniel, they are husband and wife.” Hode choked back vomit in his mouth. Admittedly he was starting to find himself entranced by this very un-weapon-like young woman, but inter-special sex was not his cup of tea. Minches were, of course, an exception for everyone but outside of them the general rule was “if you can’t keep it in your pants, keep it in your species”. Hode said “You’re making up bullshit now.” Stacey shrugged “Yeah, sure, I’m lying so I can convince you to take my restraints off. Go ahead and check the middle finger of both of their left hands. You will see they have matching gold rings. It is a symbol of our species indicating that they are married to each other.” Hode did as she said and sure enough found the rings there on Daniel and Kate’s still paralyzed fingers. He went back to Stacey and swallowed hard. Hode said “How?” Stacey delighted in this part. For her, it was the piece-de-résistance of her argument that humans weren’t weapons…”

Sequel to "Kate Greene of Earth" and final book in the Daniel and Kate trilogy. Follow Stacey as she sets out with Akari Hakana, the self-proclaimed "alien killer" of Japan, Daniel Greene, a science teacher from Indiana, and Kate Greene, his Boagian wife, to save humans from extermination at the hands of the inter-galactic federation.
I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read