Simplicity of Life

Endless Searching:
The Human Consciousness Dilemma

We are all familiar with the word “belief.” We hear this word each day and we experience the repercussions of belief structures. We are constantly reminded about the significant role that "believing" has played in our past history. We are told that without a belief the human species will not survive. We are taught that "to believe" gives us the strength to move mountains. We are instructed that a "belief" will give us the power to overcome any obstacle. Every day we are conditioned to accept these "belief" assumptions as being fact. We are manipulated into following a human path based on so many suppositions. We are practically forced to trust the mostly dictated human undertakings that we participate in each day.

In all actuality, what has all of this effort from individuals, groups, and organizations given us? Has anything that a person or organization thrust upon a given person or the world of mankind in general, ever brought us closer to this given “belief?” Has it truly brought us closer to a valid fact or truth about life or the supposed "belief" in itself? It would seem we are chasing our own tail, but we will never catch it.

There is, however, still a chance the human species will awaken. We, as a species, are opening up internally to the very essence of life. This slow awakening has come with an expensive price tag in regards to human existence. The development of our human consciousness to date has transpired though a process of leaps. There have also been many periods during our existence when our consciousness has remained quite stagnant. We have been in such a stagnant period for the last few thousand years.

You may say, "This is not true, humankind has made marvelous advances in many different areas.” However, what is really occurring may become clearer when we turn our point of perception slightly. We then see that our many technological and social advances have not given us anything other than a very complex human living environment. We are always searching for something.
No one truly knows exactly what, but we continue searching anyway.

Simplicity of Life is an exploration into self-awareness and human existence as a whole with ideas and insights that offers alternative ways of thinking that will allow anyone to tap into a larger and more universal consciousness. We desire simplicity in our existence; but how do we reach it in a world that thrives on complexity? Steve Leasock gives the reader an opportunity to become consciously aware on the path to self-discovery and personal growth. Awaken to your true purpose with a set of groundbreaking new ideas about the universe, human existence, and self-awareness—while leaving the confines of a conditioned mind and outdated belief systems behind. Our true essence originates in the manifestation of life. “I am who I am" (ongoing). It is essential that our species awakens to the potential within this statement. We determine the content of our existence through active awareness.
Steve grew up in the northern Appalachian Mountains. There he enjoyed the beauty and simplicity of nature and life. He was a typical country boy and enjoyed this lifestyle very much. Steve started writing poems and short stories during high school. There were experiences during his youth that were difficult but have enriched his understanding of life and humankind immensely. Steve spent over three years living practically out of a backpack as he traveled from place to place; working as a farmer, convention coordinator, bartender and D.J. He studied Marketing and Management in college.

Thank you very very much for your precious book which you named beautifully “Simplicity of life”.
Oh, Steve you are a real little Buddha. In fact, we are all little Buddha although we are still dragging among our conditioned mind. But, you can reveal everything is HERE and NOW…nowhere to us to go no time to wait, too. You lit the world by experiencing from your daily life and also all words come from your heart not from mind.
The book is worth to give named as Simplicity from our complicated. Then I felt I witness the beautiful purple lotus blooming out of the muddy soil . . . . . Thanks a lot
with Love kalu
Kalu Di Di
From India

I would love to read your second book Steve Leasock. Congratulations!
Your first book, One Moment In Life was amazing. Good insight and inspirational.
Enjoyable to read. Thank you and keep writing. Namaste.
Sandra Sandi Rocks
From America

So much truth...the song sound of silence by Disturbed...the music video keeps playing in my head while reading your book.
The simplicity of life itself in essence is much less complicated than real life.
I just relate so much(my views or understanding of your book) may differ from others. But yes overall 10 out of 10 read even for a amateur like me.
Heidi Olivier
From Africa


A compelling and provocative read!
Clearly a catharsis for the author and reader alike, Simplicity of Life, by Steve Leasock, is an extraordinary effort that poses fundamental questions about the nature of human experience. Though the author bemoans that it is in the questioning that complexity arises and diverges from an innate simplicity of Life, the author asks; “Why must there be a reason or answer for everything? What are we hoping to find?”
In search for answers, Simplicity of Life considers spirituality in a thoroughly thoughtful manner, and in doing so, Leasock encourages the simplicity of inner reflection on complicated questions of ultimate consequence.
A must read! Thank you Steve Leasock!
Michael Rawlings, America


I am inspired and grateful to be touched by Steve’s Book “Simplicity of Life”. Which he shares awareness about the individual and collective consciousness transformation conditioned by society, culture, religion, family, friends. These factors appear to shape our perception or reality which presents that complexity results from these mental constructs.
This book can remind us to be aware of our own mental states and question the nature of our own perception or reality. Me and my family and friends have had meaningful discussions about “Simplicity of Life”
I recommend this book and the author Steve Leasock. Great book; very inspirational. Thank you.
Beau Mackey, New Zealand


A compelling look at human consciousness!
This is an incredibly interesting book written by an author who has an equally interesting concept of human awareness. I must say, I was compelled by the arguments he made.
The volume’s main claim is that the development of the human species as a whole has been stunted by complications which we ourselves introduced. I must say, there is a great deal of truth in this. We each have something we believe in. But the author’s question is: Is this belief really helping us? Is it really beneficial to our personal wellness and growth? How can it be the be-all and end-all, when we’re still filled with a hole of sadness?
In the author’s own words, life is an incredibly simple thing. We’ve convoluted it with our own needless details. I see his point – and I enjoyed his book.
C.M. Blackwood, United Kingdom