Second Kingdom

“The troops are here, Sire.” The butler held his head high and stood in the doorway, hands clasped behind his back. “They have armed themselves and are ready to leave at your command.”
“How many?” the king asked as he put on his uniform, his burgundy hair tucked behind his ears and ready for the helmet he would put on for protection. His blue-green eyes searched for any flaw in his armor.
Every piece shielded him from head to toe in a body vest made of the sturdiest laminated fibers and felt like a second skin upon his tall, muscular body. It would protect him from every form of combat, including fire.
The advancements in technology over the last 3,000 years would be of great benefit to him today. He didn’t just want the best technology science could create and money could buy. He wanted the power to do whatever he wanted. Just as the Second Kingdom had.
Since WWIII, the First Kingdom and Second Kingdom had created a contract to avoid future wars between their two countries. They had divided the remaining land and claimed truce. The remnants of the seven continents were now merged into two.
King Ezra was in charge of the well-being and progress of the First Kingdom. Queen Ada was in charge of the Second. However, news of the Second Kingdom’s advancements into sorcery and magical power made the King twitch for the same. He should be able to possess what they controlled. Otherwise, WWIV was inevitable.
“Approximately 25,000 men from all over the Kingdom, Your Highness. Every man eighteen and over has arrived and trained for what is to come. Are you certain you wish to do this, Sire?”
Blue-green eyes peered at the butler with darkening irises.
“Buford, do you dare question your king?” His voice was sweet and smooth like water steadily pouring over pebbles.
Buford's eyes blinked and moved to the floor. His face scrunched before he shook his head and said, “No, Your Highness.”
“Then kindly tell the men to get into formation and prepare to march. For today, we will defeat the Second Kingdom's power. We will conquer them and unite into one Kingdom.”
“Yes, Sire,” Buford responded, and then walked out into the hall with a shudder.
With head bowed and slow steps, Buford walked down the hallway praying the young king would change his mind. He wasn't the only one who knew the king was walking toward certain death.
Sighing, he opened the doors and motioned to the Secretary of War to step forward, “The king is ready to attack.”
His whispered words were sent with another shudder, and he looked into the dark eyes of the grizzled man before him, exchanging a silent nod and raised brows.
“He won’t be swayed? There has been peace for almost 3,000 years,” the secretary pleaded.
Buford shook his head. The secretary sighed before walking to the edge of the steps to announce the king's command.

Their only chance of survival is to kill the Beast King. Is he real or is he only a legend to blame their current unhappiness? No one has seen the beast in years, but his shadow still haunts their land. The people of First Kingdom have a plan. They aren't going to let their people die and starve in a dark world any longer. Roz is part of a team who knows how to wield a knife, shoot a gun, and take down a man with their bare hands. Yet, things don't go as planned on their mission, and Roz is left on her own. Face to face with the Beast King, Roz has to make a decision: kill him and set her people free from the curse or let him live. Will she make the right choice?
I started writing at the age of twelve, after deciding I could be the next Carolyn Keene, and was determined to make a career out of it.

Amazon Kindle Customer: 5/5 Stars
"This was a great re-imagining of The Beauty and the Beast. The only issue I had was probably caused by the conversion to e-formatting. There were too many spaces in some places and in a couple of others, the words were smashed together. Otherwise, the story was good. I would have loved to get the whole story from both characters and a more complete epilogue. Overall this was a clean and fun story.
I received this book free from one of the book subscription emails."