Savage Bayou

Hours later, Ophelia stood in front of her kitchen counter, cursing a blue streak. “Shit, fuck, son of a bitch! This fucking hurts like hell!”

Her front door slammed open, and suddenly she was in Daniel’s arms, sitting in his lap in the nearest chair, his hands running up and down her arms in jerking, frantic movements.

“Phia! Are you okay? Who hurt you? What’s wrong?”

Ophelia laughed weakly, but didn’t unwrap her right hand from her left. Instead, she took a chance and held both hands up—showing him the blood seeping out from between her fingers. Daniel gritted his teeth, but he made no move to attack, and Ophelia’s respect for him raised another notch. He pulled out a handkerchief from the pocket of his shirt and gently pried her hands apart, clucking his tongue over the two-inch-long cut that was still oozing blood.

“How in the world did you accomplish this, Phia?” he asked, his ministrations tender as he blotted the wound.

“I cut myself trying to cook,” Ophelia mumbled, “obviously not my most graceful moment.”

Daniel chuckled. “At least you didn’t sever a digit, so it’s not that bad.”

Ophelia sniffed, tears brimming. “Yeah, but it freaking hurts! It might even be deep enough for stitches, and I really don’t like needles.”

Daniel pressed a kiss to her cheek. “I may have a solution, if you’d trust me.”

“Does it involve your fangs?”

He shook his head. “No–” his eyes gleamed mischievously– “but it does mean I’d get to taste you.”

Ophelia wiggled in her seat, and Daniel groaned. “On second thought,” he said with a wicked grin, “keep moving like that, and I’ll have a different way to distract you.”

Eyes wide, Ophelia jerked to a stop, but not before the damage had been done, and the physical proof of his desire poked the side of her leg. She flushed. “Uh...” She licked her lips. “the pain. What about...the pain?”

Daniel laughed and pressed a kiss just below her ear. He took the handkerchief away from her wound. She hissed in pain as it stuck. “I’m sorry,” he murmured as he pulled it free. “I really can help, but you might rather put a bandage on it and let me drive you to the clinic.”

Ophelia bit her lip. He looked so uncomfortable, and even though his remedy had to do with him being a vampire, she wasn’t nearly as put off by the notion as she would have been a few days prior. She looked into his eyes and shook her head.

“What do you need to do?”

He sighed with relief. “Vampire saliva can either stop bleeding, or make a person bleed more, depending on whether we’re drinking or ending the feeding. Unfortunately for you, to stop the bleeding and trigger the numbing agent that will help with your pain, the fangs must be triggered, which means a drink has to be taken. However, that doesn’t mean I need to bite you–” he paused and winked– “unless you want me to, of course.”
Ophelia swatted his shoulder with her good hand. “I thought your saliva is what makes a person a vampire?”

“It is, but it’s…complicated. Mortal blood is designed to fight the infection, so to speak. I would have to consciously force it into your bloodstream for a minute or more for there to be any chance of it taking hold. For this, and for any pleasure feeding–” he gave her a wicked grin that made her laugh– “my saliva merely interacts with the skin around the wound, preventing it from trying to close until I’m ready to stop. Are you okay with this?”

Ophelia bit her bottom lip. “You won’t bite me?”

He shook his head. “I won’t. My fangs will descend, but I won’t bite, I promise. I’ll only drink for a moment, and then close it.”

Taking a deep breath, Ophelia nodded, emitting a startled squeak when his eyes glowed bright blue and his fangs shot out. With his golden hair, and lightly stubbled jaw, he was sexy beyond belief, and the look on his face had her nearly giving in to the urge to tilt her head to the side and offer him everything. Taken aback by the direction her thoughts were headed, Ophelia blinked rapidly, and raised her hand.

He took her wrist in one of his, and her fingers in the other, turning her hand until the cut along the side was near his mouth. “Last chance to change your mind,” he whispered.

Ophelia gulped, her body tingling beneath his heated gaze. “Do it, Daniel, please.” The last word came out on a whisper as she subconsciously flipped her long hair behind her back, exposing the smooth column of her throat. Daniel’s eyes darkened, and keeping his eyes on hers, he pressed his hot mouth to her skin, sucking gently at the wound.
The tingling in her body intensified as he laved his tongue over the cut, raising his head a few seconds later. Ophelia’s breath came in short pants as moisture pooled between her legs. She’d never felt like this, and she wondered if it was part of the saliva interacting with her skin. Ever logical, she cleared her throat.

“Am I—uh—is this because of…?”

Daniel smiled, fangs flashing. “No, Phia. I would never use power on you like that.”

Ophelia sucked in a breath. It was because of him. /For heaven’s sake, take for once. Take without question. Love./ Her eyes widened at her own thoughts, and she made a split-second decision—he was her vampire, after all. Adjusting her position, she straddled him, the proof of his desire a hard spear aimed straight at her core. Cupping his face in her hands, she kissed him, relishing when his breath caught in shock. His hands gripped her hips, rocking her against him as she deepened the kiss, her tongue exploring his mouth, uncaring of the fangs he possessed.

With a moan, she nipped his bottom lip. “Do you want to bite me, Daniel?”

“Yes,” he groaned.

Ophelia pressed a hand to the back of his neck, pulling him forward until his mouth rested above the pulse at her throat. “Then do it.”

His lips grazed her heated skin, his fangs scraping lightly. “Are you sure?”
She moaned, the pleasure building as she continued to move against him. “Yes!” Without another word, he plunged his fangs deep, and she shattered, realizing the absolute truth:

She was in love with a vampire.

Jaune, Louisiana is full of magick, creatures, and an evil—a sorcerer named Myrick that will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Nearly everyone in town is a target, but at the top of the sorcerer’s list are two names: Ophelia Boudreaux and Daniel Blackwood. Ophelia is a sorceress with a dark side as long as she is tall, and Daniel, a vampire, isn’t much better. They’ve both dabbled in things better not mentioned, but for the right reasons. Daniel’s family was murdered some three hundred years prior, and their murderer changed him the same night. He joined the sorcerer’s cohorts in order to get close to Jasmine, the woman that killed his wife and daughter, eventually getting revenge with the help of his great-great-whatever grandson. After which, he does his best to turn over a new leaf, focusing on helping the good guys in their fight against Myrick. Ophelia’s mother was kidnapped by Jeremiah, one of Myrick’s torturers, a dhampir with a very nasty attitude. He uses the threat of killing her mom to get Ophelia to do her job as an assassin for the sorcerer, killing elderly people that have angered him. However, her conscience can’t take the job, and she decides to work as a spy, instead, reporting back to the good guys in Jaune, including Daniel. They don’t like each other, don’t want to associate with one another, but when Ophelia’s best friend, the fiancée of Daniel’s grandson, asks for her help finding her missing sister, she agrees. Forced to work side-by side with a vampire, Ophelia fights him every step of the way—until they follow a lead that takes them on a late-night road trip, alone. In a bloody fight that ends with two dead vampires and Daniel saving her life, and she his, they enter into a tentative friendship. As their search wears on, the friendship sparks into something more, eventually leading to their secrets coming out. Despite the darkness, they find a love to last for eternity. Unfortunately, the sorcerer still wants them, and if he can’t get them alive, dead is an acceptable alternative.
The year was 1984, the day a dreary December Monday. At 3:30 in the morning, the screaming began…and there hasn’t been an ounce of silence, since.

5.0 out of 5 stars "I want Ophelia to be my new best friend!"
By MizPutz on May 9, 2017

I Loved this book! It made me want a Daniel Blackwood in my life. Daniel is a vampire with a troubled past who's dreams Ophelia invades. Ophelia has impressive magick abilities and several secrets of her own.

Together they tackle everything that's thrown at them, even if it is begrudgingly at first. They join forces with a few new characters, to get rid of a sorcerer who has plans to become unbelievably powerful at any cost. A fabulous read for any fan of the supernatural genre! I'm looking forward to more books in this series!