Sarah and Legion

“The guns lowered but the questions came quick and fast. Sarah told them everything. At first, she started with LA but then decided to back it up a bit to the plane and then further back to Australia. She recounted the tale as Shelley and Mackenzie took turns checking the monitors for any motion outside.

Sarah told the whole story. The pregnancy, the flight, the dream, LA, Santa-Fe, the drug run to Chicago, Brandon, and that she knew who they were both from Brandon and from God. “Fucking big-mouth Brandon” says Mackenzie. “That dumb fucker probably told these cock-suckers where to find us too. Maybe when this is done we will need to take a road-trip to Chicago to plug up this information leak before it gets out of control.” “Please, I beg you, don’t kill Brandon.” Said Sarah who suddenly regretted having mentioned him. “He is so scared of you both.” Sarah looks at Mackenzie “Especially you…” Mackenzie stopped. She didn’t know what had come over her. Going back seemed so easy. Right back to the way things used to be. Cold, hard, fast, clean, ruthless… just business. Mackenzie shuddered and remembered her mom and Jake. “Shit, Mom! Jake!” She said to Shelley.” “Quick, call them!” said Shelley. Mackenzie pulled out a typical looking phone but Shelley grabbed it away. “It could be traced, use your other phone!” Mackenzie pulled out an ancient and battered looking phone. She promptly plugged it in a charger in a wall and dialed quickly. “What can I tell them?” said Mackenzie. “Melissa knows about Blakguard. Tell her she needs to get her and Jake out of town now!” replied Shelley. Mackenzie spoke rapidly to Melissa on the phone. By the end of the conversation it was agreed that her and Jake would spend a week or two visiting the beaches down in Alabama. They would neglect to tell any of their neighbors where they were going and they were going to leave today. Mackenzie shuddered as she hanged up the phone. “Melissa’s scared bad Shelley. She actually asked me if she should call the police.” Shelley shook her head “No Mac, this one we’re definitely handling in house.”

“Did you not listen to a word of what I just said?” said Sarah looking incredulous at these two crazed assassins whom she had apparently entrusted for her care. “You are my guardians.” Said Sarah. Mackenzie leaned in close “Ok, there are three things wrong with this. One, there is no fucking God. I know, because I exist and no benevolent being would allow that. Two, for sake of argument if there was a God why would he send you here? Because three, most critically, I kill people, not protect them.” Shelley shook her head. “Mackenzie, it doesn’t add up. I can’t call the things I encountered this morning ‘people.’ If they are real then she must be too. Nothing else makes sense.” Mackenzie looked unimpressed and then concerned.

“Well, I know a simple way to at least figure out some of the basics of this tale.” Said Mackenzie. “If even half the shit you said was true it has to be all over the news by now.” Shelley pulled up a news-site on the computer. Sarah’s picture came up first at the top center of the site with the largest headlines right next to it. Sarah didn’t like that and she really didn’t like the headlines that appeared right beside it. The news media was loving Sarah right now in the most sadistic and twisted way that word can be applied. “Lone Survivor of Infamous Flight 333 Disappears Mysteriously from Hospital after Nurse Found Dead in Horrific Cannibal Attack: Sarah Wanted by Authorities for Questioning as a Witness towards Capture of Mysterious Red-Haired Woman” read the headline. Shelley clicked for more and they read the story. Sarah gasped and held her hand over her mouth. She liked Stephanie, well, she actually kind of like all the nurses. Sure they didn’t believe her but at least they were friendly and helped take care of her. Sarah saw pictures both of herself in an old smiling photo from long ago as well as in a more recent photo hooked up to IV’s and machines. There was also a photo which sent shivers through Sarah. It was a grainy surveillance camera screenshot showing Carol entering Sarah’s room where Stephanie’s mutilated body had been found.” 

Sequel to "Mackenzie: An Assassin's Tale." Four years have now passed since Mackenzie left Blakguard’s infamous ‘company within the company’ assassination firm to pursue college. After her graduation, Mackenzie checks her phone and receives a dire message from her Aunt Shelley “Get out of there Mac, you are in danger.” Immediately Mackenzie comes face to face with a pregnant virgin named Sarah Vierga who has an unbelievable story of having narrowly escaped the demon Legion several times in his quest to destroy God’s offspring before it is born. Reluctantly, two of the mid-west’s most dangerous assassins agree to protect the modern day virgin from the oncoming demonic onslaught. But, do they actually know what they are doing when they barely believe themselves? Can they actually protect Sarah against these forces or will Legion carry out his final mission on Earth?
I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read