Robert Valleau

Robert Valleau

Bob has over three decades of writing experience for the Christian market. His career began, in the 1980s, when he worked for a Christian publishing company for their book department. Since then, he has worked as a full-time staff writer for two international ministries and was once named "Christian Writer of the Year," San Antonio, TX, by the American Christian Writers Association.

Bob's credits include writing for Christian radio/television and the Internet. He has written numerous magazine and newspaper articles and is the author of a the three-book series called, "The Dusty Road Chronicles." His debut novel, "Mystic Dreams and Dusty Roads," is in the process of being turned into a movie by DBM Films.

His fourth book, "The Lost Rose of Winter," is a stand-alone WWII-era romantic adventure novel.

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For a long time, my friends encouraged me to write a book. I had written many things, but not a book. The next question became: Do I write a novel or an inspirational how-to?
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