Rick Amitin

Rick Amitin

Rick has a vast array of work experience, from pulling tassels off of cornstalks as a kid, to authoring a book. Rick built a multi-million dollars insurance business where he honed his skills in recruiting, marketing, training, and developing talent. From running his own trucking business to speaking internationally, Rick draws on a vast array of life experiences to inspire audiences. Rick is a passionate communicator and thrives in motivating and inspiring others to feel the power of their own dream.

Rick has released his first book, “If Only I Had A Dad!” with a Companion Workbook. Overcoming a difficult childhood and dysfunction in his adult life, Rick uses raw polish to deliver a never give up attitude. Rick is a Transformational Coach and is developing an online platform for Video On Demand Training. Rick's intention is to provide affirmation, clarity, and a sense of worthiness helping people to connect the dots in their on lives. Rick is currently working on a Book of Poetry.

Lenka's List had the pleasure to publish this interview on: February 23rd, 2017
I had lived with a deep sense of abandonment my entire life brought on by not knowing my father. I didn't realize the root of my dysfunction was tied to this issue. My sense of unworthiness led me to a messy life with some wretched consequences. I wanted to fix my life and live the life I knew I should have. When I unraveled my emotional, mental, and religious knot I knew I had something worth saying.
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