Random Poetry

Still Figures in the Night Sky

A silent moon casts down its light
Touching the earth with steady fingers,
Like the shining owl eyes,
Here beneath the moon lies,
While a hope’s dream still lingers.

A silent star casts down its light
From above in the dark night.
Like the sparkle playing on the softly moving river,
Underneath the tall tree whose leaves shiver,
And love’s wish is a whisper
To those still figures in the midnight sky.


Life is random, and sometimes, what you read can be random as well. You may love a variety of genres or hold on to that one favorite writing style. Yet, it's true for most readers that when you first dive into a book, you are probably looking for those essential connections that tell you this is a book that reflects your soul. Random Poetry is a book of poems meant to give you a little bit of everything to enjoy. You may wish for that spiritual uplift, little laugh, interesting picture in your mind, release from frustrations or the promise of romance. Random Poetry has a poem to match your mood and help Check out Random Poetry and see if the unconventional and eclectic poetic verses bring you a little more joy and laughter to your life. Enjoy! you get through the day.
I started writing at the age of twelve, after deciding I could be the next Carolyn Keene, and was determined to make a career out of it.

Amazon Kindle Customer: 5/5 Stars

"The author, Rebecca Reddell, did an excellent job in expressing her thoughts on so many different ideas. I would have loved to have had this book when I was teaching school. It is fun, witty, serious and moving. A wonderful book!"