Random Poetry

Life is random, and sometimes, what you read can be random as well. You may love a variety of genres or hold on to that one favorite writing style. Yet, it's true for most readers that when you first dive...
Author: Rebecca Reddell


Accents traces the languages and speech patterns I have heard all my life. Through the people and places I have been, I learn about myself , The accents devlope into leitmotifs for patterns than recur. Over time I discover more...
Author: Arthur Turfa

Poems from a Twisted Mind

Mr. Patton ( aka) THE PRETZELED POET; Takes the reader on a wild journey through his twisted mind, with thought provoking and creative wordplay woven into a tapestry of unbridled honesty and sarcasm. Mr.Patton is not afraid to tackle sensitive...

The Weightless One

I was signed in, I have no choice. They tell me My heart is failing. They tell me When you starve Long enough, your body Starts to eat your muscles.