PJ Colando

PJ Colando

I am PJ Colando. I’m a Baby Boomer, retired and footloose. My husband is glad I didn't choose French horn lessons as I considered post-career options. I write while he watches TV sports. Writing is my elegant hobby.

Wholesomely corn-fed and Midwest-raised, I unabashedly aspired for adventure elsewhere, following my parents' model. Soon after our marriage, my husband and I migrated to southern California, ignited by Rose Bowl dreams, despite our college football team’s loss.

Do you recall a blonde who blew bubbles throughout a Rose Parade ride down Colorado Boulevard? ‘My “Happy New Year!” cheer closed the televised coverage a dozen years ago. The float theme was “Dare to Dream” and I still do.

Like many writers, I write to explore enigmas of the present and past. During the ‘90s my husband desired a sailboat, while I craved a Winnebago. We didn’t acquire an RV…
Further, I never lived on a farm, never had a son, never shopped WalMart - integral elements of STASHES, my debut novel. Emotions compel stories like mine.

But my critique group insisted on more conflict (have you heard this before, fellow authors?) to move the roots exploration tale. The assertion co-occurred with marijuana dispensary intrigue near my office. A plot pot emerged and a conniving daughter-in-law seized the story wheel. My first author event convened in a marijuana grower collective.

I wrote a follow-up novel, HASHES & BASHES, because I missed my characters. I never had imaginary friends as a child. Now I have a tribe. My work-in-progress is CASH to DASH DOWN UNDER, motivated by a desire to write off an expensive trip.

We cherish our Midwestern friends and family who come to stay with us and sightsee, and we return frequently to visit them. This replenishes the story trough, but don’t tell. Every good book needs secrets. Humor-laced books with lively characters embroiled in mildly preposterous plots result. Because satire is entwined with the action, the books appeal to all adults.

I’ve authored three novels, with short stories, personal essays, and articles published in journals, magazines, and anthologies. I’ve earned an Erma Bombeck humor award, a Reader’s Favorite silver award, and Southern California Writers Conference fiction award. I’ve drawn praise for my singular voice, humor, and satire on contentious social issues and insights into human life.

Join me on my Boomer humor blog on my author site: www.pjcolando.com. You may buy my books there, as well as Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, and such.

I’m having a blast and you will, too.

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I cherish a video-like memory of my mother helping me with creative writing homework given by my beloved elementary school teacher, Mrs. Johnson. A half-dozen years ago, when retirement loomed and I reflected on interests not pursued in my life, I returned to writing. My husband is glad I didn't choose French horn lessons - I write while he watches TV sports.
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