Paw Prints in the Butter

A Puss in Boots*


In the high-street chemist’s yesterday

Upon a thoughtfully-provided chair

Beside a radiator sat

A large and well-contented cat.

The chance was far too good to miss

For one who loves a play on words

So: ‘Look! A Puss in Boots!’ I cried.


The shopping zombies clearly thought me mad.

They turned, as only English people turn,

A blank and even hostile stare

Upon me, standing foolish there

As ‘Look! A Puss in Boots!’ I cried.


But then the creature stretched and purred

And opened amber eyes (that matched its fur).

And then it turned and winked at me.

I’ll swear I saw it wink at me.

As ‘Look! A Puss in Boots!’ I cried.


*For non-English readers, the Boots pharmacy can be found on every high street in the UK.


Are there paw prints in the butter? A nose mark on the pane? Is there fluff beneath the sofa? THAT CAT’s been here again. In this clowder of cats curious and comical, you will MEET Lulu the Terrible and find out how she fell from grace… SHUDDER at the menace of The Cat Who Howls in the Night and LAUGH with the irrepressible Stationery Cat… LEARN how the ancient Cabriole won his lady love, and how she rewarded him… And LISTEN, with the wide-eyed kitten, to the mew-moirs of The Cat Who Has Been Here Before.
Patricia Feinberg Stoner is a British writer: a former journalist, advertising copywriter and publicist. After graduating from Trinity College Dublin she joined a local newspaper, The Liverpool Daily Post, as a trainee. Quickly discovering she was a terrible reporter, she switched to feature writing and since then her career has revolved around the written word.

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