Neal Davies

Neal Davies

I was born in New South Wales Australia and my parents moved to Victoria when I was four. During my childhood I found myself unsettled both at home and school and at the age of fourteen I left school to join my Father and brother at a brickyard where I worked stacking bricks. It was hard work for a young boy who was built like a beanpole, not only that, the repetition of being with my father all day every day and most evenings created unimaginable friction.

At sixteen I lived in and out of home, I'd sleep over at friends houses and even on the streets while trying to figure out who I was, yet never losing focus on the dreams I had. During times of stress I would spend hours reading the Arthur Conan Doyle series of Sherlock Holmes and that became my first dream; I wanted to become a writer and develop my own super sleuth for others to enjoy and escape from some of the harsh realities of life.

My second dream was to become a counselor or Psychologist and at forty years of age I went back to school and studied to become a counselor. At fifty I wrote my first book which was a self-help called The Galaxy Guide to Adolescents and the Alien Within; it was written to help Parents and Teenagers communicate more effectively. I originally wrote this book as an aid in counseling sessions and never made the effort to release it to the general public. I really didn't feel the need at the time as a noted Psychologist who lectured here, New Zealand and China had read the book and contacted me to order bulk lots to sell at his lectures.

This year I'm hoping to re-release the book on Amazon; what makes this book so unique is I found most books written on this subject are designed around one (Teenager) or the other (Parent) but with my book both Parents and Teenagers can read it and learn new ways of communicating with each other. I wrote six more self-helps including (believe it or not) one on identity loss in women.

I finally released my first novel called Benworden which maybe re-released next year but I'd never forgotten the books that had driven me to writing in the first place and I knew the time had come to finally put pen to paper on my Super Sleuth Sebastian Cork. Sebastian is a noted Psychologist who's reached the pinnacle of his career and finds himself wanting more challenges in his life and it's only through fate he finds himself plummeting head long into a murder investigation. There's already two books in the series and the third is with the editor at this moment. Sebastian Cork Forget Me Not Cut Down To Size And yet to be released Friends and Consequences.

Lenka's List had the pleasure to publish this interview on: February 21st, 2017
To me, reading was an escape from emotional turmoil when I was younger. One of my favorite authors back then was Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes was and still is my hero. I dreamed of one day having my own super sleuth, so I guess that's where it all began.
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