Mystical Aria

Aria Vanir, psychic tween girl from Virginia Beach, trusts only her mother with the knowledge of her predictions and remote viewings. When Aria connects with technically and spiritually advanced aliens—the Gallions—she instead confides in her best friend, Tommy Manger. His unexpected anger and betrayal threatens to end their friendship.

Nashata, Queen Supreme of the Gallions, leads a diplomatic mission with her royal family to Earth so she can test Aria for potential first contact. The queen trusts only this “youngirl” with the secrets of her people.

When the Gallions beam Aria, Tommy, and Aria’s tomboyish teen sister, Jackie, aboard their spaceship, Aria’s typically passive mother makes a daring move to save her daughters. None of them realize that the military has sent Aria’s Navy SEAL father, William, on a mission to capture the good aliens or destroy their spaceship. Worse, William has no idea that he’s putting his daughters and their friend in harm’s way.

Can Aria succeed in her quest to meet the alien queen in person, despite the fears and disbeliefs of those closest to her?

In this first novel of the Mystical Aria series, fascinating human and alien characters entertain children, tweens, and young teens with their engaging personalities and how they respond to intergalactic encounters. Higher truths about love, prosperity, and infinity unfold as Aria Vanir pursues her quest for first contact with an alien queen. This novel and its sequels enrich book clubs with enticing new material or simply pull families together for a fun read. Aria's encounter with the good aliens provides an opportunity to write a relatively nonviolent yet entertaining novel for young adults. I believe kids are bombarded with too much violence, from video games and movies to shootings in schools. My passion focuses on leaving a legacy of fun stories that teach kids higher truths of love, infinity, and prosperity so that they may live in a more peaceful universe.
Jean Neff Guthrie earned a B.S. degree in Dairy Science from Virginia Tech and a M.S. degree in Mass Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University. She worked as a lobbyist and association manager in Richmond, Virginia for eight years.

"A fabulous adventure, with elements of fantasy and science fiction, this book is sure to appeal to young readers. The author’s descriptions of the Gallion characters brings to life a charming, and entirely unique world. Her delightful sense of humor is shown in wonderfully imaginative scenes which add great depth to this terrific book for young readers."
Literary Classics

"What an enchanting adventure! I know it’s a young adult, teen read but at 66 I thoroughly relished it — aliens, space craft, kids, SEALs — a young adult plot, well written with a wonderful “just beginning adventure” ending . . .can’t wait for the next one!"
Lynn Demsky
Amazon Reviewer

"I bought this book for my two granddaughters and gave it to them yesterday. They are eight and ten years old. I got a text from their mother this morning. The older daughter was almost late for school because she couldn’t put the book down. Great book for children."
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"Aria’s journey with the Gallion Queen enchants adults as delightfully as young adults. I enjoyed my journey into the Gallion world and lives of the children tremendously. I especially treasured the magical gifts each of the children received. What a wonderful book Jean. I can’t wait for the next installment."
Lisa Michaels
Amazon Reviewer

"Many compare Guthrie's novel to the endearing kid-meets-alien theme in Steven Spielberg's E.T."
David Thalberg, Founder, BrandStand

"I would highly recommend this novel to young readers! Not only does it provide them with a wonderful story, but it also gives them an interesting novel from which to learn some of life's lessons through well-developed characters."
Brenda Waller, retired English teacher

"Jean's writing is excellent, and the protagonist is in perfect character with her age group. Wonderful job!"
Dolores B. Jacobs, author of Unsuspected