Mystic Dreams and Dusty Roads

Feisty twelve-year-old Peep Holler finds living with her single alcoholic father challenging as she struggles with puberty, faith and unforeseen tragedies at the beginning of the Oklahoma Dust Bowl years. But her greatest challenge yet lies just ahead.

One day, Peep innocently uncovers a dark secret which drives her further from her estranged father, and, if revealed, could rip apart her best friend's family. While Peep copes with this secret, however, an untimely event occurs that alters her life perception . . . and sets her on a course that affects entire generations.

Book One of The Dusty Road Chronicles.

I grabbed the Bible and took out the picture of Ma. As my eyes clouded further with tears, I concluded there was no God. He was a lie. Since there was no God, I didn’t see the need to keep this book of nonsense. So with all of my might, I threw the Bible out my window, hoping that the storms of nature would maliciously destroy it. ~ Peep Holler, "Mystic Dreams and Dusty Roads," by Robert Valleau.
Bob has over three decades of writing experience for the Christian market. His career began, in the 1980s, when he worked for a Christian publishing company for their book department.