There was no blinding flash of light, no epiphany moment as such. I have always enjoyed writing, be that school projects, internal memos at work and as Scottish correspondent for a national music magazine, Artrocker. (I stopped that a few years ago.) Probably what gave me confidence to tackle a light-hearted book, was the favorable
My mum. She was always a mad keen reader and had an ambition to write a children's book one day but unfortunately she died young and it never happened. She gave me her love of writing though and I was constructing full-length stories in text books from an early age. As a junior, I was
I was inspired to write when I was in elementary school. My teacher would always select me to be the reader in my class. I loved the creativity of the stories then, and I love being the one to write and create stories now. Second, my two boys were my inspiration. It was when they
To be honest it was the strangest thing. I had never written anything in my entire life when on the morning of July 27th 2015 I awoke with an uncontrollable urge to write poetry. I remember feeling especially emotional that morning as I was recalling my mothers passing just 2 months prior, along with the
I've written stories and plays since I was a little girl and I've always read and read and read. English was my favourite subject at school, but when it came to studying at university, I never considered a degree in English. I think I thought it was more like a hobby than a subject you
I cherish a video-like memory of my mother helping me with creative writing homework given by my beloved elementary school teacher, Mrs. Johnson. A half-dozen years ago, when retirement loomed and I reflected on interests not pursued in my life, I returned to writing. My husband is glad I didn't choose French horn lessons -
I was one of these sickly kids and I spent a lot of time reading. I mean a ton. Books were like friends. I couldn't wait to get one, read it, get to the next one, for the world they opened up. It made me want to do that, to write, to be part of
I had a story I wanted to tell. I thought it would be a one-off. But when I finished that first novel, The Oath, I already had another story I wanted to tell. I'm now writing the -fourth- story I want to tell.
Reading books and listening to song lyrics from a young age inspired me, and like all writers, I write on the backs of every author I have ever read, of every song that tells a story. Part of becoming an author has been taking in stories, styles, points of view that have transformed me, and