When I was a child my dad used to tell me made-up fantasy stories all the time and really think that sparked a desire in me to create my own. I wrote my first story in Grade 1, about my hamster who suffered an early demise and was replaced by a less than spectacular goldfish
I have always loved reading; even as a small child I would always be found with my nose in a book. There is such pleasure to be found when a story sweeps you away to new places. This has been my inspiration, and what has pushed me to become an author, to tell my own
My parents took me to see the movie The Empire Strikes Back as a child and let's just say I haven't been the same since. Ever since that day, I felt compelled to create my own stories and developed a love for it. So I guess it was film that inspired me to want to
I have had the inspiration to write since I was old enough to hold a pencil.
I am a member of the large tribe of folks who have "always dreamed of writing a book." For over 40 years, I would tell everyone, "I would love to write book!"
My inspiration came from a laboratory accident. My daytime job is as a chemist working for a small company. In November of 2012, I mishandled a reaction and accidentally generated poisonous phosgene gas. I ended up in the ER, but managed to survive the incident. After that, however, I smelled phosgene everywhere. It felt like
I had visited the lighthouse in Byron Bay once. The ocean and the lighthouse took my breath away. I got my inspiration from there.
I've always enjoyed writing and decided about seven years ago to try and write a book. My first adventure into writing was called 'A Boy To Love' and if I recall, I completed about 60,000 words and sent it to a few of my friends to read. They loved it, or said they did. You
I've always written, ever since I can remember. My first job was as a reporter with the Liverpool Daily Post (in UK) - and I was terrible! As soon as possible I switched to feature writing and, when inspiration struck, to comic verse.