I have had the inspiration to write since I was old enough to hold a pencil.
I am a member of the large tribe of folks who have "always dreamed of writing a book." For over 40 years, I would tell everyone, "I would love to write book!"
My inspiration came from a laboratory accident. My daytime job is as a chemist working for a small company. In November of 2012, I mishandled a reaction and accidentally generated poisonous phosgene gas. I ended up in the ER, but managed to survive the incident. After that, however, I smelled phosgene everywhere. It felt like
I had visited the lighthouse in Byron Bay once. The ocean and the lighthouse took my breath away. I got my inspiration from there.
I've always enjoyed writing and decided about seven years ago to try and write a book. My first adventure into writing was called 'A Boy To Love' and if I recall, I completed about 60,000 words and sent it to a few of my friends to read. They loved it, or said they did. You
I've always written, ever since I can remember. My first job was as a reporter with the Liverpool Daily Post (in UK) - and I was terrible! As soon as possible I switched to feature writing and, when inspiration struck, to comic verse.
I’ve loved to write since I was a little girl. When I was ten, I read a book called, Sal Fisher at Girl Scout Camp. At that moment, I decided I wanted to write my own books. So with lined paper and fountain pen, I wrote Beverly Knauer at Girl Scout Camp. Not very original,
What inspired me to write was my love of books. It was a logical leap from loving to read the printed word to trying to become a writer.And both reading and writing have always proved the salve to my soul.
A long-time work colleague and friend suggested I write a novel. This was in 2011 when we were on the brink of retiring. While I wrote numerous technical reports over a number of years, I had never thought of writing fiction.