9/11 led to a lot of patriotism in the country. I felt guilt being thanked for my service because I was a peacetime soldier. I am very proud of my service and knew I had nothing to be ashamed of. I was certain many Cold War veterans were dealing with the same feelings. I decided
I had lived with a deep sense of abandonment my entire life brought on by not knowing my father. I didn't realize the root of my dysfunction was tied to this issue. My sense of unworthiness led me to a messy life with some wretched consequences. I wanted to fix my life and live the
To me, reading was an escape from emotional turmoil when I was younger. One of my favorite authors back then was Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes was and still is my hero. I dreamed of one day having my own super sleuth, so I guess that's where it all began.
Growing up I was in a Rock Band that did some original songs. I was one of the songwriters.
For a long time, my friends encouraged me to write a book. I had written many things, but not a book. The next question became: Do I write a novel or an inspirational how-to?
I have four kids and two step kids the last one has just headed off to boarding school which is very common here in Kenya. My wife is a very busy lawyer in Mombasa. I am a serial Entrepreneur but after the kids left I found I had considerably more time on my hands than
My family inspired me to write. My three year old, at the time, saw life in such an uncomplicated way. Still does! I saw things from an adult perspective. Daddy and the World's Longest Poo is about a simple, real-life domestic quirk and the two levels on which it is interpreted by my son and
I just had an idea one morning and wanted to get it down. It became a bit of an escape due to a day job that was causing anxiety during 2014, some of the early pages appeared from that.
The inspiration for 'The Worst Man on Mars' came after a chance meeting with top British scientist and author Mark Roman.