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Melodie Earickson Melodie Earickson Melodie Earickson is a self-taught "outsider" artist. She picked up a pencil one day about 15 years ago and just started sketching cats on a pad of paper.
Leonard Earl Leonard Earl Leonard Earl Johnson writes a monthly column and web site at LEJ's LOUISIANA / YOURS TRULY IN A SWAMP. His pity comments deal with life in New Orleans and America in its ~ and his ~ declining years.LEJ taught creative
Chris Edmonds Chris Edmonds After graduating with a degree from Exeter University in England, I began a career in education by teaching biology at a high school in Salisbury, Wiltshire. I lived very close to Stonehenge - the most mystical place in the world.
Nestor Eguez Nestor Eguez Nestor Eguez is a Technology Teacher who immigrated with his family from Uruguay, South America to California, twenty years ago in searching of a better life.
Steven Elvy Steven Elvy STEVEN ELVY grew up in Barnet, North London. His first job was with Ogilvy, Benson & Mather advertising agency, where he worked in the film and television department as a film librarian, a job he says he only got because
A. Claire Everward Anna Claire Everward A. Claire Everward is a suspense author with a love of knowledge and a lively imagination that made writing the natural thing for her to do. Claire is also the author of The First, and is currently working on her