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Jeffrey H Baer Jeffrey Baer I was born January 21, 1969 in Brooklyn, NY. My dad was stationed in Fort Huachuca, AZ after his return from Vietnam, so I was an army brat without knowing it.
Tracy Ball Author Tracy Ball Novelist, Reviewer, Content/Concept Editor, Blogger, T-shirt Wearer, and Professional Snacker; I am a native Baltimorean and a veteran West Virginian whose family is blended from three distinct cultures. I began as a poor kid with a heart condition who was
EA Barker E. A. Barker E. A. Barker fancies himself as a collector of ideas and a purveyor of dot connections. He attempts to present his findings in an entertaining fashion in an effort to encourage people to read—especially men who are reading far too
Kelly Bedford Kelly Bedford Inspired by family members' gifts and experiences, Kelly Bedford has written her first novel, A Light in the Dark, a post-apocalyptic survival journey for a girl who hears the Voices of the dead. Many of the ghost stories in A
Bobbi Jo Bentz Bobbi Jo Bentz The self-published writer of romance, suspense and thrillers, is as much an avid reader as an enthusiastic story-teller and is a fan of Horror and Marvel movies.
James Best James Best I am a Canadian author with two books published. My first book is called A Walk in Time. My new book is called The Haunting of Marcasite. I am a proud father and grandfather. I come from a large family
Maxine Billings Maxine Billings Maxine has enjoyed reading and writing as far back as she can remember. During her summer vacations from school, she participated in the reading programs at the local library and spent most of her time reading. She also likes to
Alexander Boldizar Alexander Boldizar Alexander Boldizar was the first post-independence Slovak citizen to graduate with a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School.
Steve Braker Steve Braker Born and raised in the UK, Steve Braker grew up living on the coast. Naturally an outdoorsman, one could always find him anywhere near the water - on the beach, surfing and fishing or sailing and rock climbing. Soon the
Lucy Branch Lucy Branch Lucy Branch's fiction has been featured on Radio 4, Timeout London and The BBC World Service. She is an expert in the conservation of public sculpture and has worked on some of the UK’s highest profile projects including Nelson's Column,
Ernest Brawley Earnest Brawley A native Californian, I attended San Francisco State University, where I was granted several writing scholarships and a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. Since then, I have spent my life writing, teaching, and traveling the world. I have taught at
Shawn D. Brink Shawn D. Brink Shawn D. Brink was born in Clovis New Mexico, but has lived in eastern Nebraska since he was five. He holds an undergraduate degree in Secondary Education from Wayne State College and a graduate degree in Management from Bellevue University.
Marcus Brown Marcus Brown

I've just released my debut horror novel called 'Promised Land Lane'. I'm also working on further novels and hope to release my next book in the summer.

Justin Brown Justin Brown Justin Brown is currently a student at Canterbury Christ Church University in Kent, where he studies English Language and Communication with Creative and Professional Writing.
Joshua Buller Joshua Buller Hey there! My name's Joshua, and I've been fascinated with storytelling practically since I was old enough to talk. A bit about myself, I suppose. I'm in my early 30s, born and raised in Sacramento (that's the capital of California,
Eshelle Butler Eshelle Butler Eshelle Butler was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. She graduated from Columbia College Chicago and has a BA in Marketing Communications and Journalism. She also has a background in music. In addition to being an Author, she is also