Mehreen Ahmed

Mehreen Ahmed

Queensland writer, Mehreen Ahmed has been publishing since 1987. Her writing career began with journalism and academic reviews and articles. Her journalistic articles appeared in The Sheaf, a campus newspaper for the university of Saskatchewan Canada between 1987-1999. She has written academic book reviews and articles and has published them in notable peer-reviewed journals of her area of study. Her research article: A Note on Phrase Structure Analysis and Design Implication for ICALL, was first published in Computer Assisted Language Learning, Special Issue, Intelligent Call Systems, Lisse, Netherlands Vol 15 Issue 4, 2002. This was republished in Cambridge Journals, Language Teaching by Cambridge University Press, Vol 36, Issue 02, April 2003. Taylor and Francis, Routledge, also republished it in Vol 15 Issue 4, 2002.

Software reviews were published in On-Call, Vol 1 No 2 Sept, 1999 and International Society for Technology in Education,Vol 28 No 4, 2000-2001. The book review on Teaching and Researching Language Learning Strategies by Rebecca L Oxford, was published in Language, Learning and Technology, Special Issue, Vol 15 No 3 Oct, 2011, followed by a reproduction, for Independence Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group, 2012, University of Canterbury, Kent U.K.

Mostly introspective, Mehreen has also written fiction. Set in Brisbane Queensland, Jacaranda Blues is her debut novella, written in a stream of consciousness style. A featured author for Story Institute, she has published The Blotted Line, a collection of short stories.

More recently, Snapshots and Moirae were first published by PostScript Editions, UK in 2010 and a second edition by Cosmic Teapot Publishing, Canada in 2016. Her flash fiction, The Portrait has been published by Straylight Literary Magazine, a biannual magazine of the university of Wisconsin-parkland, English Departmemt. One of her short stories, The Anomalous Duo has been accepted to be translated in the German language for publication in the anthology, "Familie (er)zählt: Selection of stories completed; Sammlung abgeschlossen.

So far, she has co-authored quite a number books and her shorter works have been included in various anthologies published by PnP Publishers. Our Treasured Stories and Poems, and Write to Remember are some of them. She has co-authored Magical Golden Egg, published by PnP publishers. Her books have made their ways into COPAC, WORLDCAT, TROVE sites through the gateways of Cambridge university library, Bodleian and fryer Library at the university of Queensland, Australia. Jacaranda Blues and Moirae have been heritage listed by the State Library of Victoria, Australia.

She has earned two MA degrees. One in English and the other in Computer Assisted Language Learning (Applied Linguistics) from Dhaka university and the university of Queensland, Brisbane Australia respectively. At the moment, her historical fiction based on the 19th century Australian Gold Rush period is under consideration by Cosmic Teapot Publishing. Mehreen's story, Write Time - author, written by Toni Johnson-woods was featured in the West End Magazine 4101 Journal/ The Spring Edition/# 24 (less)

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I had visited the lighthouse in Byron Bay once. The ocean and the lighthouse took my breath away. I got my inspiration from there.
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