Luna Saint Claire

Luna Saint Claire

Luna Saint Claire has had a long career as a Hollywood costume designer for film and television and is currently splitting her time between New York and Los Angeles with her husband, a philosophy professor. She is presently devoted to writing psychological novels infused with spiritual transformations. Adopted as an infant, she learned about her Native American heritage which informs her work as a designer and influences her storytelling.Luna enjoys a variety of musical styles. Blues rock is most often her choice for dinner parties. When she goes jogging she prefers Indie music, setting her station to Damien Rice.

When writing, she sets the channel to Liquid Mind where there are no lyrics. She and her husband enjoyed years of attending the opera, and chamber music halls—classical music and opera fill their home. Though she now enjoys running and yoga, she spent years of her youth in the ballet studio where a live pianist played for her classes. Her personal style can best be described as eclectic bohemian mixing Free People favorites, vintage pieces, and well-worn jeans. She wears classic black Frye harness boots with almost everything.

Lenka's List had the pleasure to publish this interview on: February 24th, 2017
I became embroiled in the life of a charismatic yoga master, who was also a shaman, and his entourage of beautiful, intelligent, successful women in Hollywood. Luckily, I wasn’t in a romantic relationship with him. Yet, he still had influence over me. Nico, the antagonist of my story, is a gifted healer but uses his power for the dark side of self-interest—to acquire wealth and fame. Luna, the main character, believes she can heal him because he has awakened something inside her she thought was lost. He has made her feel that anything is possible.
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