The knights didn't see her.
How lax they are, chuckling, she let herself out of the gate. Her quick pace led her into the darkness of the woods. It tickled her to have slipped in and out unnoticed.
Her waiting had paid off. The night of the engagement party had been just the beginning. It may have taken her twenty years of lying low and planning, but she was ready. It may be unfair to give the King an advantage by warning him of her vengeance, but she couldn't stop herself from making sure he knew exactly who was behind the upcoming attack.
All her hard work was about to come to fruition. Her suffering would be justified.
She paused and turned to look back. Having come far enough and deep enough into the forest, she couldn't see any light from the entrance she had just walked through.
However, it was satisfying enough to know she'd left the note behind.
“You will remember, Tritium, that I warned you. So many years ago, I warned you. You would not listen. If only you had listened. For now, it is too late. Too late!”
Walking forward, she continued, “I warned you. Yes, I did. Warned you then, but you wouldn't listen. I will have my revenge.”
Then her mutters turned into a soft whisper and she sang,

“The darkness rises, on wings of hate.
Discontent is well-fed of late.
You hear the whisper.
You hear the call.
He rises to destroy us all.
The blackness comes on wings of fire.
All will burn under his ire.
No one can escape,
this awful dread and wait.
Do you see? Do you see?
The darkness rises on wings of hate.”

Her laughter echoed throughout the woods. Animals paused and cocked their ears. Birds hushed their songs and tilted their heads. Eyes darted back and forth everywhere.
Evil drew near. Evil was upon them. They ran and hid and tucked themselves back into their holes. They recognized the voice. The voice of hate.
A witch was calling upon the darkness, and they wanted no part of it.

Faced with an evil witch and a resurrected dragon, Cassie wishes for the days of cleaning for an annoying stepmother and diabolical step-siblings. With the loss of her father and her new friend, Cassie's only hope is to defeat the threat before she loses far more than her glass slippers. The Prince wants to break free from the confines of his crown and show his father what he can do. How will he save the Kingdom, and himself, when an unexplained phenomenon strikes and kills the men he's serving beside? Can Cassie and the Prince save the day and each other? Find out in Legend, a Cinderella novella retelling and Young Adult Fantasy novella.
I started writing at the age of twelve, after deciding I could be the next Carolyn Keene, and was determined to make a career out of it.

Amazon and Goodreads 5-Star Reviews:

“I love the twisted fairy tale genre and this book is a very good read.” ~Suzy Kenski

“I loved this book! It was fun and quirky. Couldn’t wait to pick it up each night and see what would happen next.” ~Amazon Customer

“Five Stars…Great weekend read!” ~Kristen Bombgardner

“I have read a lot of fairy tale spinoffs. This one kept me interested. It had the classic Cinderella story line but with different characters and a nice, surprising twist at the end. I enjoyed reading this book!” ~Sarah Kirn

"Five Stars. Good story." ~Laura